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Force | Term 1 Chapter 3 | 3rd Science - Questions with Answers | 3rd Science : Term 1 Unit 3 : Force

Chapter: 3rd Science : Term 1 Unit 3 : Force

Questions with Answers

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Force (Term 1 Chapter 3 | 3rd Science)



I. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

(Push, force, pull, speed, gravitational force, direction, Muscular)

1. A force is needed to make a stationary object move.

2. The force applied with the help of muscle is called Muscular force.

3. Push and pull are known as forces.

4. The reason for the fruits to fall from the tree is gravitational force.

5. Force changes the speed and direction


II. Match the words with their pictures.


III. Answer the following questions.

1. How do you open the door?

I open the door by pushing or pulling.

2. Name the types of force.

* There are two types of forces.

1. contact force 2. Non-contact force.

* Contact force is classified into three

1. Muscular force 2. Mechanical force 3. Frictional force

* Non-Contact force is classified into two.

1. Gravitational force 2. Magnetic force.

3. Which force is involved in collecting water from well?

Muscular force is involved in collecting water from well.

4. What is push?

When a force is applied in the direction of an object, it is called push.

5. What kind of force is used to make clay pot?

Muscular force is used to make clay pot.


IV. Sujatha places a magnet near some objects. What are the objects that will be attracted from the list given below?

(note, pin, coin, rubber, shirt, comb, tumbler, nail)

Answer : pin, coin, nail.


V. Think and answer.

Raja throws a ball, a stone, a paper and a leaf up in the air? What kind of force is involved here? What will happen to them?

* Gravitational force is involved here.

* So the ball, the stone, the paper and the leaf will fall down. The earth pulls all the objects towards itself.

Let us look at the pictures below to understand movement and action better

The player hits the ball with hockey stick,

Boys are riding bicycle.

In the above pictures,

What moves?

The ball, The cycle.

What is the action?

Hitting the ball , Riding the bicycle.

Put a tick () mark for the pictures of motion.

Classify the following - Push or Pull?

Activities - Push/Pull

1. Riding the bicycle  Push

2. Moving the table towards you Pull

3. Dragging the chair  Pull

4. Moving a car to start  Push

5. Opening the window  Push

6. Stretching the rubber band  Pull

7.  Removing the shoe laces  Pull

Match the following.

Observe the picture and write the kind of force involved here.

Tick () the muscular force.

Think! Why do we sprinkle powder on the carom board before playing carrom?

To reduce the friction between the surface of the carrom board, the striker and the coins.

List out the push activities


Playing foot ball,

Kids scooter, cycling.

List out the pull activity

Pulling wood,

Pulling trolley,


List the frictions here


Playing in sand,

See saws.

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