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Our Environment | Term 3 Chapter 1 | 5th Science - Questions with Answers | 5th Science : Term 3 Unit 1 : Our Environment

Chapter: 5th Science : Term 3 Unit 1 : Our Environment

Questions with Answers

5th Science : Term 3 Unit 1 : Our Environment : Text Book Back Exercises Questions with Answers, Solution, Evaluation; Choose the correct answer, Fill in the blanks, Say True or False, Match the following, Short Answers, Answer briefly, Answer in detail, Questions based on higher order thinking, Student Activities, Student Project

Our Environment (Term 3 Chapter 1 | 5th Science)



I. Choose the correct answer.


1. Which of the following produces more milk?

a) Cow

b) Yak

c) Buffalo

d) Goat

Answer: c) Buffalo


2. Poultry farming is rearing and breeding of ____________

a) chickens

b) cows

c) avian species

d) animal

Answer: c) avian species


3. ____________ is the best fertilizer.

a) Vermicompost

b) Fruits

c) Synthetic fertilizer

d) urea

Answer: a) Vermicompost


4. ____________ is more profitable than agriculture.

a) dairy farm

b) farming

c) cultivation

d) poultry

Answer: b) farming


5. Poultry farm is famous in ____________ district in Tamil Nadu.

a) ariyalur

b) salem

c) namakkal

d) thanjavur

Answer: c) namakkal 


II. Fill in the blanks.

1. There are 26 breeds of cattle in India.

2. The milk of buffalo has more nutrients than cow’s milk.

3. Roughage contains high amount of fiber.

4. Droppings of poultry birds are used as manure.

5. Vermicomposting transforms organic wastes into a nutrient rich fertilizer.


III. Match the following.

1. Surti                      - Egg

2. White revolution - Transportation

3. Layers                      - Leguminous plants

4. Green manure           - Buffalo

5. Cattle                     - Milk


1. Surti - Buffalo

2. White revolution - Milk

3. Layers - Egg

4. Green manure - leguminous plants

5. Cattle - Transportation


IV. Say True or False. If false, correct the statement.

1. Farming is done on a commercial scale. (True)

2. Vermicompost can be used to clean sewage. (True)

3. Leguminous plants fix nitrogen in the leaves of the plants. (False)

Leguminous plants fix nitrogen in the root modules of the plants.

4. Namakkal district is famous for dairy farm. (False)

Namakkal district is famous for egg farm.

5. Murrah is a buffalo breed. (True)


V. Answer briefly.

1. What is farming?

Farming is the activity of growing crops and raising livestock.

2. Mention the types of farming.

Dairy farm, poultry farm and apiculture are the types of farming.

3. Write a note on poultry farm.

In poultry farms avian species are reared and bred for the purpose of egg, meat or both. Fowls, ducks, geese, turkeys and some varieties of pigeon are the most commonly reared species. Chickens occupy 90% of the total poultry. Poultry birds grown for meat are called broilers. Layers are the female fowls grown for egg production.

4. What is farmyard manure?

Common form of animal manure is the farmyard manure. It contains the a faeces and urine of different livestock like horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, turkey and rabbits. It contains nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It increases the capacity of soil to hold more water and nutrients.

5. Define Vermicompost.

Earthworms eat the organic wastes and excrete it in the form of castings. This is known as vermicompost.


VI. Answer in detail.

1. What are the uses of animal products?

We get milk from cows. Cow's milk contains essential minerals needed for us.

Bullocks are used to plough land, harvest and thrash crops.

Cattle are employed in transportation.

Cattle dung is used as manure. It is also used as fuel and for generation of bio gas.

Panchagavya is an Ayurvedic medicine used in agriculture to control pest and fungi. It is a mixture of dung and urine of cows, fresh milk, curd, jaggary and ghee.

Leather goods are manufactured from cattle hides.

2. How will you manage a poultry farm?

Poultry birds need a clean environment. The following measures should be taken in order to avoid diseases.

Poultry houses should be clean and disinfected.

It should have windows for ventilation.

Light is essential for high egg production.

Poultry birds need clean and fresh water.

Timely vaccination is necessary to prevent diseases.

Activity 1

Visit an animal farm in your area and prepare a list of animals domesticated there. Also find out the products you can get from there.

Activity 2

Some of the cattle breeds found in Tamil Nadu are given below.

With the help of your teacher find out the districts where they are found.

Activity 3

Visit a veterinary hospital in your area and find out the common diseases found among the cattle in your area. Try to know how such diseases can be prevented.

Activity 4

Fill in the blanks using the words given below.

(Oilseeds, Egg, Honey, Food grains, Fish)

Green Revolution: Foodgrains

Blue Revolution: Fish

Silver Revolution: Egg

Gold Revolution: Honey

Yellow Revolution: Oilseeds

Activity 5

With the help of your teacher set up a compost pit within your school compound. Put all the organic wastes like food waste and cover it with soil. Wait for three weeks and then you can use this as manure for the plants in your school.

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