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Possible Design Solutions

Wind Screen – Wiper Motor:, Mechanical Solution: , Mechatronics Approach:, Detail Design:


Wind Screen – Wiper Motor:


Wind screen wiper is a device which is used to clear from the front glass of the vehicles, during rainy season.

In consists of an arm which oscillates back and forth in an arc like a wind screen wiper.


Mechanical Solution:

It works like a four bar mechanism, when the crank rotates, the arm 1 rotates.


This makes the arm 2 to oscillate the arm 3.

Mechatronics Approach:

The mechatronics approach uses a stepper motor with microprocessor for controlling it.


The input to the stepper is required to cause it to rotate a number of steps in one direction and then reverse to rotate the same number of steps in other direction.

Transistors are used as a switch for controlling the stepper motor.


To start and rotate the motor, the coils of the stepper motor are to be energised in a proper sequence. Stepper motor can be operated in two configurations.

Full step Configuration


Half step Configuration


Detail Design:

Once optimizing a solution is completed, the detail design of that solution is developed.


This may require a production of prototype etc.


Mechanical layout is to be made whether physically all component can be accommodated.


Also whether components are accessible for replacement / maintenance are to be checked.



The selected design or solution is then translated into working drawings, circuit diagrams, etc. So that the item can be made.

Drawings also include the manufacturing tolerances for each component.

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