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Chapter: 3rd Social Science : Term 1 Unit 2 : Our Friends

Our Friends

Learning Objectives * Know about our friends * Recognize their nature of work * Understand the importance of our community workers


Our Friends


Learning Objectives

* Know about our friends

* Recognize their nature of work

* Understand the importance of our community workers

A seven year old girl named Samudra goes to market to buy some groceries along with her mother Vennila. While walking, they come across so many people working.

Mother Vennila : Dear Samudra, keep yourself left and don‛t go to the centre of road. As we go deep into the market the crowd will increase. Don‛t run away.

 Samudra : Okay Ma, What sound is that? Is that a bell?

Mother : It‛s the sound of a fire engine. I think a fire accident has occurred somewhere.

 Samudra : Is it? Oh my God!

Mother : The bell is a warning to the people on the road. So that they can give way to the fire engine.

 Samudra : Why should one give way to it?

Mother : It‛s an emergency. It has to go fast and reach the spot to save people and their properties.

 Samudra : How can the vehicle save people?

Mother : I am proud to see that you are curious. The vehicle has many trained firefighters, who save people and properties with the help of water, foam, ladder and other fire extinguishing objects and devices. This vehicle is not only used during fire accidents but can be used in other emergencies or disasters too.

 Samudra : Ma…Tell me more about the firefighters. It‛s amazing. Are they not afraid of fire?

Mother : The firefighters are well trained to carry out their duties. They wear protective jackets. They put water on the affected part of the building. They move people and property to a safer place.

 Samudra : How do they save the people who are trapped in fire or are burnt?

Mother : People with burns are sent in an ambulance to the government hospital. This vehicle contains all the facilities for first aid. The affected people are admitted in the hospital and given treatment.


Let us write

Nurse is a person who assists the doctor and takes care of the patients. Complete the below activity with the various duties of a nurse.

 Samudra : Can everyone go in this vehicle?

Mother : This vehicle is meant only for those who are in need of emergency treatment.

 Samudra : Emergency treatment?

Mother : It is needed by people whose lives are in danger. Like, People who suffer from heart attack, faint, unable to walk, fall victim to accidents etc…

 Samudra : How does one get treatment in this vehicle?

Mother : We do not get treatment. But we can get first aid.

 Samudra : First aid?

Mother : First aid is a life saving aid that is given before the actual treatment of a victim. This ambulance contains a doctor, a nurse and all the first aid devices and medicines.

How can one call the ambulance?

* Make the phone call to No. 108

* Inform the accidental sport.

* Try to help the injured person by giving first aids.

* Till the ambulance reaches the spot be with the injured person.


Good Samaritan Law

Good Samaritan Law was executed by Central government in the year 2014 to safeguard those who help the victims of accidents and other calamities.

According to this law, any person can help the victim and accompany him/her to the hospital. The person need not reveal his/her name or pay for the victim‛s treatment. This law was formed, so that any person can come forward to help the people in need without the fear of police, rules and regulations etc.


In emergency I must know the phone number. For Police 100 ; For Fire Service 101 ; For Ambulance 108

 Samudra : What building is this?

Mother : This building is built to extend the market.

 Samudra : How long it is?

Mother : It is built so to protect people and traders from sunshine and rainfall. The person who gives structure and design to the buildings is called an engineer.

 Samudra : Does an engineer design a house?

Mother : Yes of course, he designs houses, schools, colleges, bridges, multi storey buildings, temples, settlements, shops, factories, etc… Buildings are constructed using a plan and made by an engineer.

 Samudra : Oh! I see. Ma… Why are we going through this mud path! This is not our regular route.

Mother : Repair work is going on in our usual tar-road.

 Samudra : Are these roads laid for us?

Mother : Yes, of course for us. 

The roads are laid by road workers to make travel easy for the pedestrians and the vehicles.

Ok. Samudra, Look at the either side of this way.

Samudra : Why ma?…What is special?

Mother : Don‛t you think the green fields are beautiful?

 Samudra : Yes. they are. Who are the people working here?

Mother : They are farmers. It is because of them that we are getting food and we remain happy.


Let us find

Solve the puzzle

1. You can hear my ding dong before I come.

Lives are saved, properties are protected from fire.

Who am I? fire engine

Answer: iefr eginen

2. I keep people safe. I protect our community from crime. I make sure people follow the rules.

Who am I ? police

Answer: ecplio

3. I toil (hard work) in the soil. I plough to sow, so that mud could give us food.

Who am I ? farmer

Answer: emarfr

 Samudra : Ma… Can you see that bus

Mother : Yes... Bus is one of our transport service. Like firefighters, farmers, engineers the service of drivers and conductors are also very valuable. They are the people who carry out the transport service efficiently.

 Samudra : Ma…Can you hear an unusual alarm somewhere near?

Mother : Yes! That, the siren of the police.

 Samudra : Why police? Is something wrong?

Mother : This is the usual visit of the police during the evening in the market. They come here to discipline the crowd as it‛s higher at this hour. They protect people, their properties and make sure all the rules and regulations are followed by all.

 Samudra : Ma…

Mother : What?

 Samudra : You once said that our neighbourhood anna (elder brother) is serving in the border. What does it mean?

Mother : He serves in the Indian border as a soldier, fighting to protect the people of our country from invaders. There are many soldiers who defend the country sacrificing their own lives and families. These soldiers together form the Army of the defence force.


Netaji Subash Chandra Bose formed Indian National Army.

 Samudra : Now I remember… Our teacher told about the army yesterday in the class.

Mother : Samudra : Do you know that the service of a teacher is a noble service that enlightens us with knowledge, values and helps people to become good citizens. We have come to the main road, hold my arm.


Who am I?

Fill in the following blanks:

1. I stitch clothes.

I am a Tailor.

2. I paint the wall.

I am a Painter.

3. I repair the pipes and taps.

I am a Plamber.

4. I Guard houses and people.

I am a Police 

5. I repair electrical appliances.

I am a Electrician. 

 Samudra : Ma… Who is standing in the middle of the road?

Mother : Oh! He is traffic police.

 Samudra : Why is he standing there?

Mother : His work is very important because he controls the vehicles coming from all the sides and thus he directs the vehicles and protect the pedestrians.

 Samudra : Ma…Look at the gigantic building over there. What building is that?

Mother : That is the Court.

 Samudra : Court! What‛s that?

Mother : Here, all the problems are solved as per the laws(rules) of our country. Judges help in giving justice to the people in various cases. They protect our rights.

 Samudra : Ma…Now I understand that all these people whom we came across today are working for us. I feel very proud of them.


Supreme court is the ‘Guardian of the Constitution‛.

Mother : Samudra, what would you like to become?

 Samudra : I too have a wish. I want to study well and seek a good job. At the same time I would look after our garden and field with care.

Mother : At last we have reached our home… Please open the door.



* Our friends like teacher, doctor, engineer, police are working for us.

* Firefighters save people and properties from fire.

* An engineer gives structure to the building.

* The roads are laid by road workers.

* We are getting food from farmers.

* Soldiers protect our country.

* We should be proud of the people who serve us and our country.

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