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Chapter: 9th Science : Chemistry : Applied Chemistry

One Mark Questions Answers

Science : Chemistry : Applied Chemistry : Book Back Important Questions, Answers, Solutions : I. Choose the correct answer, II. Fill in the blanks, III. State whether true or false. If false, correct the statement, IV. Match the following, V. Assertion and reason type questions




I. Choose the correct answer :


1. One Nanometre is

(a) 10-7 metre

(b) 10-8 metre

(c) 10-6 metre

(d) 10-9 metre

[Answer: (d) 10-9 metre]

[Solution: 1 nanometre is also called one billionth of a metre]


2. The antibiotic Penicillin is obtained from ――― .

(a) plant

(b) microorganism

(c) animal

(d) sunlight

[Answer: (b) microorganism]


3. 1% solution of Iodoform is used as

(a) antipyretic

(b) antimalarial

(c) antiseptic

(d) antacid

[Answer: (c) antiseptic]


4. The cathode of an electrochemical reaction involves ――― .

(a) oxidation

(b) reduction

(c) neutralisation

(d) catenation

[Answer: (b) reduction]

[Solution: It involves gain of electrons]

5. The age of a dead animal can be determined by using an isotope of ――― .

(a) carbon

(b) iodine

(c) phosphorous

(d) oxygen

[Answer: (a) carbon]

[Solution: C614 isotope is used]


6. Which of the following does not contain natural dyes?

(a) Potato

(b) Beetroot

(c) Carrot

(d) Turmeric

[Answer: (a) Potato]


7. This type of food protect us from deficiency diseases.

(a) Carbohydrates

(b) Vitamins

(c) Proteins

(d) Fats

[Answer: (b) vitamins]


8. Radiochemistry deals with

(a) oxidants

(b) batteries

(c) isotopes

(d) nanoparticles

[Answer: (c) isotopes]


9. The groups responsible for the colour of an organic compound is called

(a) isotopes

(b) auxochrome

(c) chromogen

(d) chromophore

[Answer: (d) chromophore]


10. Chlorinated hydrocarbons are used as

(a) fertilizers

(b) pesticides

(c) food colourants

(d) preservatives

[Answer: (b) pesticides]


II. Fill in the blanks :


1. Electrolytic cell is an electrochemical cell which converts electrical energy into chemical change (Reaction).

2. Painkiller drugs are called Analgesics .

3. Indigo is a Vat dye.

4. Nitrogen , Phosphorous and Potassium are macro nutrients required for plant growth.

5. Ninhydrin is a chemical used in finger print analysis.


III. Match the following :


Antipyretics - Large surface area

Corrosion prevention - Iodine-131

Hyperthyroidism - Fever

Nanoparticle - Body building

Proteins - Electroplating


Antipyretics - Fever

Corrosion prevention - Electroplating

Hyperthyroidism - Iodine-131

Nanoparticle - Large surface area

Proteins - Body building

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