Chapter: Engineering College Final Year project Titles, EEE ECE EI Mech CSE IT Dept Department Idea Report download


Engineering College Final Year project , Electrical and Electronics Department,Electronics and communication Department, Embedded Department , Mechanical Department , Computer Science Department,Information Technology Department (EEE Dept , ECE Dept., E&I Dept CSE Dept , IT Dept.)

1. Mobile Banking Design & Implementation 
2. Distributed Data mining in Credit Card Fraud Detection Analysis 
3. E-Logistics for Warehouse Management - Implementation of Authenticated & Dynamic Logistics Support System & Management 
4. Java Productivity Aids to Track the Control Flow, Parsing, Control Flow & Log Reader 
5. J2ME Implementation of POP3 Client System  / J2ME Mail Client Server Implementation / Mail Downloader Using J2ME 
6. Authenticating Network Attached Storage 
7. Static Image Hand Gesture Recognition using Neural Networks 
8. Distributed Component Router based Supply Chain Management System  - SCM
9. Intelli WAP System Implementation  / WAP based information Retrieval System 
10. Proxy Server - Design and Implementation 
11. E-Recruitment System  - Dynamic Online Professional Recruitment  & Management System 
12. Secure Password-Based Protocol for Downloading a Private Key 
13. Homogeneous Networks & Control Implementation 
14. Secure Optimal Cyclic Cryptographic System 
15. Multithreaded Peer-to-Peer Communication using Distributed Frameworks
16. Building Intelligent Shopping Assistant using Data mining technique for Web Services 
17. Network Analyzer & Network Monitoring Tool using SNMP 
18. Remote Computing using Thin Clients 
19. VVoIP - Voice with Video Over IP Networks 
20. Dynamic Character & Pattern Recognition using Neural Networks 
21. Proxy Server  - A Smart Sharing System with Fire wall Protection, Customized Firewall for internet security & inter-network traffic gateway 
22. Location Aided Routing in Mobile ADHOC Networks for Secured Routing 
23. Digital Signature Verification using Artificial Neural Networks / Digital Signature Verification 
24. A/I Net A Network that Integrates ATM and IP 
25. E-Secure Transaction - Design & Implementation 
26. Efficient Contiguous Data & Video Streamer with Buffer Management 
27. Distributed Component Router Based CRM  - Customer Relationship Management
28. Digital Steganography: Hiding Data within Data 
29. Integrated Development Environment using JSWING - IDE JSWING 
30. ERP Application  - integrated Enterprise Solutions with Strategic advantages 
31. Grid information Retrieval System 
32. Network Packer Sniffer Implementation 
33. Online Issue Tracking - Project Management Solutions 
34. E-HealthCare  - Distributed HealthCare and A Strategic Management System 
35. Data mining implementation for Credit Cards Application Processing System 
36. Dynamic University Linking & Data integrity Maintenance 
37. Online Task Management with fully featured intelli System 
38. Vertical Market Information Providing System Implementation 
39. E-Sales Order Processing System 
40. RTF to XML Converter 
41. Material Forecasting and Management Solution 
42. XML  (Extensible Markup Language) enabled SQL for Storing  & Retrieving Data 
43. XML Migration - Implementation for XML format from Database System 
44. Shares  & Stock Management system  - Portfolio Manager Implementation 
45. Inter Office Messaging System - IOMS, Office Automation System 
46. Web based Matrimonial Services, A Desi Matrimony web Portal 
47. Online Auction & Bidding System With Multi Brand & Product Selection 
48. Online Body Shopping System with Auto Mailing feature 
49. Intelli Shopping Cart & Assistant System 
50. Online VRS - Vehicle Reservation System 
51. Distributed Web Service for On-Line Coursework Submission 
52. Document Archival Management System - Electronic Archival Design 
53. Computerized system for Extracting Abstract from the given source document, Abstract solutions
54. Dynamic College information System & Data integrity Maintenance 
55. eCareer & Consultancy Service Online             
56. eGovernance Design & Implementation System         
57. EAI Approach - Implementation of EAI in Hotel Management System 
58. Online Event Management with featured intelli system
59. Online Hospital info System with interactive Services  & Universal Medical Portal with Adviser
60. Digital Water Marking for Video Piracy Detection 
61. Distributed File Sharing System for Peer to Peer Network 
62. E-Commerce Shopping cart for B2B Implementation 
63. EJB Implementation of Distributed Online Stock Maintenance and Trading 
64. Heterogeneous Networks Control and Implementation 
65. Online Web based Complete Recruitment System 
66. Distributed Database System for online Shopping & Store 
67. Web based Distributor Information Providing Services 
68. Insurance System, Online Insurance Solutions Provider 
69. Integrating Data and Voice Networks - VoIP 
70. Asynchronous Transfer Mode  (ATM) Networks  & intelligent Packet Filtering to Avoid Traffic & Congestion 
71. Video Transmission using SIP 
72. Web based Chatting - Multi User Voice Chat 
73. SIP - Session Initialization Protocol, Chatting 
74. Monitoring & Managing the Clusters using JMX 
75. Mobile Agents in a Distributed Multimedia Database System 
76. P2P (peer-to-peer networking) messaging system-using JXTA
77. Scalable Wireless Ad-Hoc Network Simulation using XTC
78. Voice Web Browser Implementation
79. Network Analyzer, Design & Implementation
80. Routing Simulator - An Efficient end to end Packet Delivery system 
81. Remote Viewer - A Remote Desktop viewer for an Intranet Environment 
82. Remote City Mapping Implementation using J2ME
83. IMAP - Internet Mail Access Protocol using Internet Engineering Task Force 
84. Online PDA - Primary Domain Controller System
85. Java Virtual Pad - RFB protocol based Desktop sharing exclusively or on request
86. Portable and Generic tool for Web Applications 
87. Network Document Management & Versioning System
88. Multi Threaded implementation with Pull / Push Technology 
89. Web Based Bug Tracking System Implementation
90. Mobile Agent Software for Payroll Processing System
91. Human Resource Management Solutions (HRMS) 
92. Online web enabled Bug Tracking System 
93. Online Web Shop Mall - Web Shop Site 
94. Online Workflow Service Manager & Automation
95. Workflow based Complaint Management System
96. Project Scrutinizer - Efficient Project Tracking System
97. Project Tracking & It Portfolio Management System
98. JSP based Shopping Cart Implementation 
99. ERP & CRM, An Effective implementation of ERP with CRM Solutions 
100. uPortal  -  University  Portal  &  Education  Grid  information  Service Provider 
101. Optimal Multicast Routing in ADHOC Networks With ADHOC Multicast Routing Protocol (AMRoute) 
102. Network Security System in DNS using AD-HOC Networks
103. Mobile Banking Design & Implementation
104. Intelli WAP System Implementation / WAP based information Retrieval System
105. Remote City Mapping Implementation using J2ME
106. Mobile Clients Support GUI Systems design
107. JAVA J2ME  - Bluetooth based Application for PDA / Mobile Devices 
108. Bluetooth equipped mobile phones to support synchronous interaction with public displays 
109. Bluetooth based Mobile Phone Photo Browser 
110. Mobile Info Service Provider - Online Data & information Access System 
111. Digital Image Processing with Multi Domain Approach 
112. Image Compression and Analysis with MSE & PSNR Technique 
113. Online Handwritten Script Recognition 
114. System to Mobile Communication 
115. Web based Chatting - Multi User Voice Chat 
116. VOIP - Flexible & Efficient Voice Communicator, Voice Over IP
117. Crypt kit  - A real time cryptographic system for security over the networks
118. Optimizing the Execution of multiple data analysis queries on Parallel & Distributed Environments
119. Patient Keeper: Medical Application on mobile Phone
120. JSAFE - Rijndael Algorithm based Encryption & Decryption
121. E-Secure Transaction - Design & Implementation 
122. Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Networks & intelligent Packet Filtering to Avoid Traffic & Congestion
123. CAC - Connection Admission Control using ATM Networks Implementation 
124. Dynamic Server Replication System 
125. Mobile based Network Monitoring System 
126. Multi Router Traffic Monitor Implementation 
127. Mobile Agents in a Distributed Multimedia Database System 
128. Network Border Patrol for Congestion Collapse Preventing System 
129. Network Proctor  & Action Coordinator  - The Network Monitoring Daemon 
130. Network Traffic, Packet Analyzer and Sniffer 
131. Peer-to-Peer implementation Multithreaded Technology with tuple space 
132. Performance Evaluation of RMI - Latency, Round Trip Time & Packets Per Unit time 
133. VOIP - Flexible & Efficient Voice Communicator, Voice Over IP 
134. Modern English Spell Checking tool Design & Implementation 
135. J2EE based Quick Car Rental Services Implementation 
136. Online ATM Banking & online transactions 
137. On-Line Book store with online Shopping cart
138. Career tracer - communicator between job seekers and job providers 
139. J Chat - A Chatting System over the Internet or local networks
140. XTC: A Practical Topology Control Algorithm for Ad-Hoc Networks
141. Image File compression & Transmission across the Network by MDA (Message Digest Algorithm) 
142. SLA-Driven Clustering of QOS Aware Application Servers 
143. Advanced instant Messenger & Message Broadcasting 
144. Online Airline Reservation Web portal for Traveling service provider 
145. Computer Resource Management System (CRMS) 
146. Content management systems (CMS) for University & Education portal 
147. Credit card system - web-based system facilitates on line operations 
148. Distributed Channel Management System 
149. Digital Signatures System Design & Implementation 
150. Distance Learning System Implementation 
151. Online E Banking provides online transactions 
152. Employee Training Tracking System 
153. E-Learning - web portal design and implementation 
154. Web Enabled Automated Manufacturing System - WEAMS 
155. Fire wall  - Customized Firewall for internet security  & inter-network traffic gateway 
156. Hospital Management system 
157. HR Consultancy and Applicant Database Management with XML
158. Intranet Mailing System design and implementation 
159. Issue tracking System with Bug Tracking, Help Desk Ticketing  & Solutions
160. Web based Online Library System 
161. Web based Online Book Store 
162. Loyalty Business Tracker Application System 
163. Net Banking Services Design & Implementation 
164. Net Conference Design & Implementation
165. Design & Implementation of Online Bidding & Auction
166. Online Tutorials - global forum for educators and students
167. Call Centre Management System 
168. CALTOOL - Computer Aided Learning Tool 
169. Online Auction with featured shopping cart 
170. Online Enterprise Resources Planning  - Web Enabled ERP implementation with Distributed Database system 
171. SNMP Trap Gateway - Network Management 
172. Software Routing - Packet Filtering & Capturing 
173. Thin Client Network Implementation
174. JEDITOR - Customized Java Editor 
175. eTutor - Online Tutorial, revolutionizing the tutoring industry    
176. Pharmaceutical Distribution Automation Software system 
177. eSearch - A Search Engine Design & Implementation      
178. SMTP based JAVA MAIL CLIENT Graphical User Interface system 
179. Java based Spam Filter implementation 
180. Project based Time & efforts Tracking System Implementation 
181. Training Organization Management System Implementation 
182. Web Testing Tool Application  - Designed to test  & measure performance
183. Web based Job Site Management system - A Exclusive Job Portal with Mega features 
184. Employee Profile Management System  - An Effective Employee Management Resource 
185. Development of Web enabled Online, Dynamic ATM Card Management System
186. ATM Card & CMS application Back Office Management 
187. Intranet Transformation of Voice with Data using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) 
188. Media Streaming in Mobile using J2ME Toolkit 
189. Efficient Monitoring, Managing, Detection of Networks  & its Components using SNMP Protocol 
190. Implementation of Security Kernel and Firewall using Java 
191. A Hierarchical Modeling and Analysis for Grid Service Reliability
192. Bug Tracking System  - Comprehensive Bug Tracking  & Change Management 
193. Cargo Tracking System Design & implementation 
194. Job Portal Implementation with intelli power features 
195. Net Monitoring and Management using SNMP 
196. Network Component Development for XML Document Migration 
197. Neural Network based Character Pattern Identification System
198. Schema based Enterprise Charting & Reporting for Desktops 
199. Data Hiding in Audio Files with PBE Encryption 
200. Components Framework for Developer Network using MVC Pattern 
201. Asynchronous Server Interaction using AJAX and XML 
202. On Demand Audio / Video Streaming & rendering Over IP using UDP 
203. Data Security in Ad hoc Networks Using Multipath Routing 
204. Distributed Token Circulation in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
205. Versioning Control System using JAVA
206. Virtual Private Network using JAVA 
207. Voice based XML Phone Survey System 
208. WAP based information Retrieval System 
209. WAP based Route Tracing and Mailing 
210. Complete email system with an email server and an email client 
211. Image Compression and Decompression using Huffman's 
212. Image Manipulation for Face Recognition 
213. Implementation of Broadcast Messaging System using Multi Threading 
214. Implementation of Packet Filtering Firewall in Linux Systems 
215. Implementation of Secured  & Encrypted Data Transmission over the Web 
216. Java Network Monitor / Java Network Browser 
217. Java SMTP, POP, Web Email Server 
218. On-Line Analytical Processing - Maintenance of Data collection  & Reports 
219. Smart Network Access Using Mobile Bluetooth, J2ME
220. Online Health Care Management Solutions 
221. Online Distributed Human resources Management System
222. WAP Enabled Greeting Card System - WAP Enabled Device User to send greeting card to other WAP Enabled Devices 
223. Web Enabled Supply Chain Management 
224. Wireless Application Programming with J2ME and Bluetooth 
225. XML Parser for E-Mail Resumes / Resume Tracking & allotment using XML  
226. Instant Messaging and Presence Technology for College Campuses 
227. A Natural Language-Based Interface for Querying a Video Database 
228. CRM based Sales of Fleet & Services Management 
229. Data Encryption and Compression System with Optimization 
230. Dealership Management System  - Dealers information & Dealings Process Manager 
231. Defect Tracking Tool - Enterprise Project and Defect Tracking System 
232. Design & Development of a Distributed, Scalable File Sharing & Access System with Security 
233. Integrated & Distributed Enterprise Resource Planning with Customer Relationship Management Support
234. Intelli Mobile Banking System Design & Implementation 
235. Investigation and Analysis of Packets Transformation in an Ethernet Network System 
236. Digital Image Processing - Time Domain
237. Secure web conferencing on any platform using Java 
238. Secured Network Manager & Tracker using JMX 
239. SFTP Server - Synchronous File Transfer Communicator 
240. Multiplex & Demultiplex Conversion in Audio / Video Transcoding Systems
241. Ultimate Online Jobsite with intelli Search engine 
242. Professional time and task management tool 
243. RAT (Remote Assistance Tool) is a Java Application
244. Resource Planning Tool Design & Implementation (RPT)
245. Sales Order Processing and invoicing (SOPI) 
246. Secure Electronic Transaction System 
247. Secure Web Cache Proxy Server
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Engineering College Final Year project Titles, EEE ECE EI Mech CSE IT Dept Department Idea Report download

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