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Engineering College Final Year project , Computer Science Department,Information Technology Department (CSE Dept , IT Dept.)

01. On the Node Clone Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks, IEEE 2013
02. Cross-domain privacy-preserving cooperative firewall optimization, IEEE 2013
03. Entrusting Private Computation and Data to Untrusted Networks, IEEE 2013
04. ITA: Innocuous Topology Awareness for Unstructured P2P Networks, IEEE 2013
05. Attribute-Based Encryption With Verifiable Outsourced Decryption, IEEE 2013
06. Delay-Based Network Utility Maximization, IEEE 2013
07. Opportunistic MANETs: Mobility Can Make Up for Low Transmission Power, IEEE 2013
08. Back-Pressure-Based Packet-by-Packet Adaptive Routing in Communication Networks, IEEE 2013
09. Fast Transmission to Remote Cooperative Groups: A New Key Management Paradigm    , IEEE 2013
10. Design and Implementation of an 'Approximate' Communication System for Wireless Media Applications, IEEE 2013
11. On Distributed and Coordinated Resource Allocation for Interference Mitigation in Self-Organizing LTE Networks, IEEE 2013
12. An Efficient and Robust Addressing Protocol for Node Autoconfiguration in Ad Hoc Networks, IEEE 2013
13. Cross-Layer Metrics for Reliable Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks, IEEE 2013
14. Fast Algorithms and Performance Bounds for Sum Rate Maximization in Wireless Networks, IEEE 2013
15. On the Discovery of Critical Links and Nodes for Assessing Network Vulnerability, IEEE 2013
16. Randomized Information Dissemination in Dynamic Environments, IEEE 2013
17. Predicting the Impact of Measures Against P2P Networks: Transient Behavior and Phase Transition, IEEE 2013
18. An Adaptive System Based on Roadmap Profiling to Enhance Warning Message Dissemination in VANETs, IEEE 2013
19. Throughput-Optimal Scheduling in Multihop Wireless Networks Without Per-Flow Information, IEEE 2013
20. Time-Bounded Essential Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks, IEEE 2013
21. Balancing Reliability and Utilization in Dynamic Spectrum Access, IEEE 2012
22. Distributed Resource Allocation Based on Queue Balancing in Multihop Cognitive Radio Networks, IEEE 2012
23. Greedy Geographic Routing in Large-Scale Sensor Networks: A Minimum Network Decomposition Approach, IEEE 2012
24. Design of Wireless Sensor Networks for Mobile Target Detection, IEEE 2012
25. FireCol: A Collaborative Protection Network for the Detection of Flooding DDoS Attacks, IEEE 2012
26. Privacy and Integrity Preserving Range Queries in Sensor Networks, IEEE 2012
27. A Secure Intrusion Detection system against DDOS attack, IEEE 2012
28. Continuous Neighbor Discovery in Asynchronous Sensor Networks, IEEE 2011
29. Cross-Layer Jamming Detection and Mitigation in Wireless Broadcast Networks, IEEE 2011
30. Design & Implementation of a Fast Dynamic Packet Filter, IEEE 2011
31. Forward Correction and Fountain Codes in Delay-Tolerant Networks, IEEE 2011
32. Jamming Aware traffic allocation for multipath routing using Routing using portfolio Selection, IEEE 2011
33. Live Streaming With Receiver-Based Peer-Division Multiplexing, IEEE 2011
34. Model-Based Identification of Dominant Congested Links, IEEE 2011
35. On the Complexity of the Regenerator Placement Problem in Optical Networks, IEEE 2011
36. Parametric Methods for Anomaly Detection in Aggregate Traffic, IEEE 2011
37. Performance analysis of an unclosed CSMA in the multi channel cognitive radio networks, IEEE 2011
38. Prog ME - Towards Programmable Network Measurement, IEEE 2011
39. ROC Resilient Online Coverage for Surveillance Applications, IEEE 2011
40. Throughput-Competitive Advance Reservation With Bounded Path Dispersion, IEEE 2011
41. TOFU: Semi-Truthful Online Frequency Allocation Mechanism for Wireless Networks, IEEE 2011
42. Topological Transformation Approaches to TCAM-Based Packet Classification, IEEE 2011
43. Agent Based Efficient Anomaly Intrusion Detection System in Adhoc networks, IEEE 2010
44. Constrained Relay node placement in Wireless Sensor Network, IEEE 2010
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