Chapter: Engineering College Final Year project Titles, CSE IT Dept Department Idea Report download


Engineering College Final Year project Titles, Computer Science Department,Information Technology Department (CSE Dept , IT Dept.)

01. A Probabilistic Model Of (T, N) Visual Cryptography Scheme With Dynamic Group, IEEE 2012
02. One Size Does Not Fit All: A Group-Based Service Selection for Web-Based Business Processes - Adv Information Networking, IEEE 2011
03. Adaptive provisioning of human expertise in service-oriented systems - Applied Computing, IEEE 2011
04. Bridging Socially-Enhanced Virtual Communities - Applied Computing, IEEE 2011
05. Data integrity proofs in cloud storage - Communication Systems and Networks, IEEE 2011
06. Secure Neighbor Discovery in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks - Mobile adhoc networks, IEEE 2011
07. Monitoring Service Systems from a Language-Action Perspective - Services Computing, IEEE 2011
08. The Awareness Network, To Whom Should I Display My Actions? And, Whose Actions Should I Monitor? - Software Engineering, IEEE 2011
09. An Intrusion Detection model fuzzy class assocation rule mining using genetic network programming - Systems and cybernetics, IEEE 2011
10. A bounded and adaptive memory based approach to mine frequent patterns from very large database - Systems, man, and cybernetics    , IEEE 2011
11. Improving the performance of wireless adhoc network by using MAC Layer Design - Wireless communication, IEEE 2011
12. Multicast Multipath Power Efficient Routing in Mobile Adhoc - Computer Science And Network Security, IEEE 2010
13. Edge Adaptive Image Steganography Based on LSB Matching Revisited - Information Forensics And Security, IEEE 2010
14. Data Mining for Risk Management in Hospital Information Systems - Medical Engineering, IEEE 2010
15. Slow Adaptive OFDMA Systems Through Chance Constrained Programming - Signal Processing, IEEE 2010

1. Defect Tracking Tool - Enterprise Project & Defect Tracking System 
2. E-Logistics for Warehouse Management  - Implementation of Authenticated and Dynamic Logistics Support System & Management 
3. E-Health Care - A Strategic Management System 
4. Dynamic University Linking & Data integrity Maintenance 
5. E-Recruitment System - Dynamic Online Professional Recruitment & Management System 
6. Distributed Component Router based CRM-Customer Relationship Management 
7. Distributed Component Router based Supply Chain Management System - SCM 
8. Distributed Component Router for E-Campus Management System 
9. ERP Application  - integrated Enterprise Solutions with Strategic advantages 
10. E-Banking System - online Banking Services 
11. Web enabled Supply Chain Management - A Logistics Approach 
12. Website Performance Monitor 
13. Secure Electronics Transactions - E Secure Transactions 
14. E - Mail Security and Administration 
15. Online Banking System - Electronic Net Banking Services 
16. CRM based Sales of Fleet & Services Management 
17. Dynamic College information System & Data integrity Maintenance 
18. On Line Effort Tracking System / Performance
19. Bug Tracking System  - Comprehensive Bug Tracking  & Change Management 
20. Warehouse Management System Implementation with Zero Inventory Level 
21. EAI Approach - Implementation of EAI in Hotel Management System 
22. E-Commerce Shopping cart for B2B Implementation 
23. Online Auction  & Bidding System With Multi Brand  & Product Selection 
24. Online Body Shopping System with Auto Mailing feature 
25. Online Auction with featured shopping cart 
26. Online Banking - Net Banking & Back Office Operation 
27. Online Content Management System 
28. Web Server Information System 
29. eCareer and Consultancy Services 
30. Distributed Information and Reporting System 
31. Materials Management System with Forecasting Implementation 
32. Integrated Human Resource Information System 
33. Online Credit Card Banking System 
34. Web enabled Customer Relationship Management 
35. Web enabled Sales Order Processing 
36. Web enabled Purchase Order Processing 
37. Vertical Marketing Implementation  - Analyze the current market position
38. Online Complete Recruitment System 
39. Online Distributed Human resources Management System 
40. Online Enterprise Resources Planning  - Web enabled ERP implementation with Distributed Database system 
41. Online Event Management with featured intelli system 
42. Online Health Care & Hospital Management Solutions 
43. Online Issue Tracking - Project Management Solutions 
44. Online Portfolio Manager  - Equity Trading  & Mutual Funds management
45. Online Task Management with fully featured intelli System 
46. Online Intranet Site Design & Implementation
47. Web based Portal Design & Implementation 
48. Online VRS- Vehicle Reservation System 
49. Network Traffic Monitoring & Web Administration 
50. Workflow based Complaint Management System 
51. On Line Tracking Logistic  - International Logistic Services for Shippers & Manufacturers 
52. Web Network Statistics Generator & Analyzer 
53. E-Commerce Front Store Implementation - E-Shopping Mall 
54. E-Commerce Implementation with Cart for B2B 
55. E-Commerce Implementation with Cart for B2C 
56. Online University Portal, Educational Grid Information 
57. Child Care Information System 
58. Matrimonial & Marriage Information Services Implementation 
59. Web Conference System Implementation 
60. Professional Net Banking Services 
61. Web Shopping Design & Implementation 
62. Online Hospital info System with interactive Services  & Universal Medical Portal with Adviser 
63. Online Insurance Management System 
64. Document Archival Management System - Electronic Archival Design 
65. Job Portal Implementation with intelli power features 
66. Network Document Management & Versioning System 
67. Building Intelligent Shopping Assistant using Datamining technique for Web Services 
68. Cargo Tracking System Design & implementation 
69. E-Governance Management Design & Implementation 
70. Web Administration & Authorization System 
71. Data mining implementation for Credit Cards Application Processing System 
72. Ultimate Online Jobsite with intelli Search engine 
73. WAP based information Retrieval System 
74. Web based CRM Implementation 
75. Web Enabled Supply Chain Management 
76. Dealership Management System  - Dealers information & Dealings Process Manager 
77. Distributed Data mining in Credit Card Fraud Detection Analysis 
78. E-Sales Order Processing System 
79. Human Resource Management Solutions (HRMS) 
80. Integrated & Distributed Enterprise Resource Planning With Customer Relationship Management Support
81. Integrated Pharmacy & Billing - comprehensive solution for pharmacy stock maintenance & billing 
82. Inter Office Messaging System - IOMS, Office Automation System 
83. Logistics - freight forwarding software solution logistics 
84. Material Management Solution (MMS) 
85. Net Banking Services & Solutions 
86. Online Issue Tracking System 
87. Online Job Consultancy Services 
88. Shares  & Stock Management system  - Portfolio Manager Implementation 
89. Online Workflow Service Manager & Automation 
90. On Line Book / Stationary Shopping with Shop cart Assistance 
91. Professional time and task management tool 
92. Project Scrutinizer - Project Tracking System 
93. Project Tracking & It Portfolio Management System 
94. Sales Order Processing and invoicing (SOPI)  
95. Secure Electronic Transaction System 
96. Web-based enterprise billing system for business  
97. On Line Blood Bank Management System 
98. On Line Shopping Management 
99. On Line Doctor, Consultations with your own Private Doctor 
100. On Line Executive Time and Activity Management System 
101. On Line Human Resource Management System 
102. On Line Medical Products and Services Directory & Medical Services For Physicians 
103. On Line Professional Recruitment System 
104. On Line Purchase Order System 
105. On Line Banking Service-User Accounts/ Maintenance & Transaction 
106. On Line Consultancy & Recruitment Services for Hospitality Industries 
107. Asset Management Solution (AMS) 
108. E-Matrimony and On-Line Match Maker 
109. Real Estate - Online Services Automation 
110. Web Based Issue Tracking System / Bug Tracking System 
111. Web Based System for Real Estate Business 
112. Website for Travel Agency Services 
113. Development of a Feature-Rich, Resume Builder Application 
114. Web Based Reward Points Management System 
115. Development of a Feature-Rich, Practical Online On-Request Courses Coordination System (ORS) 
116. Development of a Feature-Rich, Practical Online Survey Tool (OST) 
117. Development of Web Based Document Version Controller 
118. Design and Development of Equity Trading Portfolio Manager 
119. Development of a Campaign Information System 
120. Development of a Practical Online Help Desk (OHD) for the Facilities in the Campus 
121. Online Job Provider and Search Portal with Online Exam Maintenance 
122. Customer Service Portal for Tourism and Travels Management 
123. Human Resource Management System 
124. Online Material Requisition, Collection and Stock Handling Management Portal 
125. E-Banking Transactions System with Portal for Bank Officials and Customers 
126. Online Bug Tracking And Customer Support System 
127. Online Healthcare System 
128. Online Matrimonial System 
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