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Important Questions and Answers: Alternative Energy Sources

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What are the alternative fuels available?

Natural gas, LPG, Biodiesel, Gasoholo, Hydrogen, Electricity and Fuel cells.


Define volatility.

Volatility indicates a fuel’s ability to vaporize under different temperatures and pressures.


What is meant by Octane number?

Octane numbers measures a fuel’s tendency to knock in a spark ignition engine.


Define flame speed.

The speed at which a flame front propagates through a fuel/air mixture can affect engine performance and emissions.


Which gas has the highest ignition temperature?

Hydrogen has the highest auto-ignition temperature at about 1,065oF.


6.       Define flash point.

                   The flash point is the lowest temperature at which combustible mixture of fuel vapor and air form above the fuel.


7.       What is the composition of natural gas?

                   Natural  gas  has  at  least  88%  methane  with  the  balance  being  higher  weight hydrocarbons.


8.       List out the various forms of natural gas.

                   Methane, ethane, methanol, ethanol, reformulated and oxygenated gasoline.


9.     Write down the components of LPG equipment.

1.     LPG fuel tank

2.     Vaporizer

3.     Fuel metering

10.                        What are types of LPG vehicles available in the market?

1.     Passenger cars

2.     Two/three wheelers

3.     Buses

11.                        How is biodiesel prepared?


The majority of biodiesel is made from soybean or canola oils, but it is also made from waste stream sources such as used cooking oil or animal fats.


12.                        Mention the methods of producing hydrogen gas.

1.     Steam reforming of natural gas.

2.     Electrolysis of water.

13.                        List down the vehicles that use electricity as fuel.

1.     GM “EV1”


2.     Toyota RA V-4 Electric vehicle.

14.                        What is meant by reversible fuel cell?


Some fuel cells can be run in reverse under certain conditions which produces hydrogen via systems.


15. What is a turbo alternator?


If a turbine engine is directly coupled to a generator, it is often called turbo generator or turbo alternator.


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