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Following your doctor's advice

Following your doctor's advice

To get 100 percent benefit, make sure you understand and can use your doctor's advice when you get home.


Ask for written instructions

Have your doctor list the main points as you discuss them. Or request brochures or other published information.

Know your prescription

Ask why this drug is best. Find out what you can expect from it, including side effects and how to take it correctly.

Expect explanations

Be sure you know why a test is ordered, what it will involve, what the risks are, and how and when you'll learn results.

Repeat what you hear

This process allows your doctor to identify any instructions that aren't clear.

Solve problems together

If you don't think it's realistic to follow your doctor's recom-mendations, speak up. For example, financial restraints might keep you from buying a certain medication. If you tell your doctor, he or she may know of a less expensive generic medication that will work just as well.



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