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Affection | Term 2 Chapter 1 | 4th English - Appa (Prose): Questions with Answers | 4th English : Term 2 Unit 1 : Affection

Chapter: 4th English : Term 2 Unit 1 : Affection

Appa (Prose): Questions with Answers

4th English : Term 2 Unit 1 : Affection : Appa (Prose) : Text Book Back Exercises Questions with Answers, Solution



A. Fill in the blanks.

1. Meena's village was hit by waves on a Sunday morning in December.

2. Meena was transferred to a rehabilitation centre.

3. The official's family visited the rehabilitation center for the next five years.

4. The official and his wife liked Meena.

5. Meena studies in twelfth standard.


B. Read the statements and write true or false.

1. Meena’s father was a fisher man. (TRUE)

2. People ran off when the seawater receded. (FALSE)

3. Three waves hit the village. (FALSE)

4. The official visited the rehabilitation center daily. (FALSE)

5. The official was transferred to another district. (TRUE)


C. Answer the following questions.

1. Where is Keeraikuppam located?

Keeraikuppam is located near Nagapattinam.

2. What were the people excited about?

The people were excited about the wave that was rising high in the sea.

3. Which disaster had hit the village?

Tsunami had hit the village.

4. Who showed love and care to the children ?

A kind-hearted official at the rehabilitation centre showed love and care to the children.

5. Why did Meena call the official 'Appa'? Do you think we need to be a family to care for others?

The official was kind-hearted. He showed fatherly affection to Meena. So Meena caller her 'Appa'. We need not be a family to care for others. If we are humane, we can take care of strangers and treat them as members of our family.





Let us look at the picture below.

Can we eat grandpa?

Ramu: "Hey are you going to eat grandpa?"

Somu: "Haha. No, I am asking if we can eat."

Ramu: "Then, you should add the correct punctuation. It should be "Can we eat, grandpa?

Somu: "Thank you."

Ramu: "Punctuation plays an important role to help us understand the sentences."

Let us learn some punctuations.


 I am the capital letter. Let's see when and where to use me.

You must use me in the beginning of a sentence.

Book is our best friend.

The train runs fast.

Cow gives us milk.

Children are playing cricket.

We have bull in our house.

My uncle came by train.

I come in the beginning of proper noun and in the abbreviations.

Bharathi is a Tamil poet.

I met Kumar at the market.

We live in India.

We take money from ATM.

He completed his MBBS last year.

I am an NCC cadet. 

 I am a full stop. I look like a dot ( . )

You must use me at the end of a sentence.

I fly my kite.

Monkeys live on the tree.

I play with Jason.

The bird is beautiful.

Take your book.

Let us all go to the hotel.


 I am a comma ( , ). I look like a dot with tail.

You must use me to separate words in a list of three or more things.

Car, bus and bike are vechicles.

I invited Ragu, Stephen and Fathima.

I have a ball, bat, balloon and a toy.

Eat bun, nuts and rice.

We grow mango, banana and papaya.

We have pen, pencil, and eraser.


 I am a question mark ? I am little crooked, in other words known as interrogation mark.

I come at the end of interrogative sentences.

Is he a doctor?

When will the train come?

What are you doing?

Do you have a book?

Who won the match?

What is your name?


Rewrite the sentences with punctuation marks.

1. where is my cat

Where is my cat?

2. jain ate an apple

Jain ate an apple.

3. the book is on the table

The book is on the table.

4. ravi wants book pen and pencil

Ravi wants book, pen and pencil.

5. do you play football

Do you play football?

6. my favourite colour is blue

My favourite colour is blue.

7. leema is a good singer

Leema is a good singer.

8. do you like pet animals

Do you like pet animals?

9. he likes shirt pants and shorts

He likes shirt, pants and shorts.

10. how are you

How are you?

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