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Chapter: 9th EM English : Prose : I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore

Speaking, Writing and Reading - I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore

English : Prose : I Can’t Climb Trees Anymore



G. You are visiting the primary school where you studied classes I to IV, after six years. You get a chance to go to your standard two classroom and you are permitted to sit at the same place where you used to sit.

i.            What would you remember?

ii.            Describe your feelings at that time.

iii.            Who do you miss very badly , your friends or teachers?

iv.            Share your thoughts with the class.




H. On seeing these pictures, you would have gone down your memory lane. Write a paragraph in about 50 words describing your favourite sport when you were young.

Think and write.


I. Based on the story and your own ideas write your answers in about 80 to 100 words each.


a. Imagine yourself as the writer. Narrate the story of your visit to your ancestral house.

b. The man who came to the house gave the cross as a gift to the girl. Why did he do this? What do you think would have happened if he had taken back the cross with him?

C. What are the benefits of growing and preserving trees? Use ideas from what you have read so far and your own ideas.


Creative writing


J. Write a letter to your friend describing your ancestral house.


The Spirit of Adventure


K. Given below are four headlines and information about four young National Bravery Award winners.


Match the headline to the passages and write it in the space provided.

I. In pairs, discuss what is common about all these incidents you have just read. Complete the chart below with the characteristic features of an act of bravery. (One example is given for you.)

Read the following passage about mountaineering.

Scaling Heights


1. Mountains have a great fascination for men and people. Mountain climbing, however, is not without risks. It is a challenge to the unconquerable spirit of man and his love of adventure. That it is a dangerous sport cannot be denied. As one climbs higher and higher, breathing becomes more and more difficult. Some climbers, therefore, carry a heavy apparatus from which they inhale oxygen.

2. Mountain climbing is dangerous in the extreme. There are snow storms and blizzards. It is difficult to walk through the snow. It is still more difficult to climb on ice because it is difficult to keep foothold and cut steps with axes in order to make progress. The cold is so severe that the climber’s skin, feet, toes, fingers and tissues freeze, become numb and they may suffer frostbite. The most serious difficulty is the climber at a high altitude gets exhausted with a little effort.

3. Mountain climbing requires proper training, skill and knowledge. The climbers must be well-equipped. They must be in good physical condition and should possess courage, perseverance and power of endurance. They should carry with them maps, compasses and other equipment so that they are able to find out where they are in the absence of any tracks. They must travel through dense woods as they approach a mountain and then climb steep rocks. Near the summit of a high peak, the climbers have to move over snow fields and glaciers. In dangerous areas they use ropes to tie themselves in groups.


4. The climbers carry with them packs loaded with first-aid supplies, food and extra clothing for sudden changes of weather. They display spirit of sportsmanship and fellow-feeling and face the severe risks of life undaunted. Mountain climbing is a common sport in Europe. There are mountaineering clubs where training in mountaineering is imparted.

5. There are high peaks in India and there have been successful expeditions to scale these highest peaks. After the conquest of the Everest by Tensing and Hillary in 1953, the Mountaineering Institute at Darjeeling was established to develop interest in mountain-climbing among the Indians. Expeditions have been sent to climb the highest peaks in the country.

6. Mountain climbing is a thrilling adventure. It brings into play the heroic qualities of humankind. Mountaineers deserve all praise for their courage and heroism. In recent years Mt. Everest has been scaled several times by foreign climbers. India too has organized several expeditions to Everest. Lately an Indian Sherpa scaled the Everest without the use of oxygen. Mrs. Bachchendri Pal also succeeded in scaling the Everest. She is the first Indian woman to do it.

You can use a variety of reading strategies to help you understand a text better. Your teacher will now explain how to ‘skim ‘and ‘scan’ a text for information.

M. Based on your reading answer the following questions in a sentence or two.

·        Is mountaineering a dangerous sport?. Why? (para 1)

·        What is frostbite? (para 2)

·        What are the qualities of a good climber? (para 3)

·        What do climbers carry with them? (para 4)

·        Where are the highest peaks in India? (para 5)

·        What qualities of humankind are brought out by this adventurous sport? (para 6)

·        Why do mountaineers deserve praise? (para 6)

·        What kind of visitors does Mt. Everest get? (para 6)

N. Here is a story about a holiday adventure. The paragraphs are jumbled. Rearrange them to form a meaningful story.

Poster Making

Posters are a mixture of notices, advertisements, and invitations. They may be in the form of large hoardings to be put up on walls, or the size of handbills and charts to be displayed on notice boards. Hence, they have to be captivating, attractive and persua-sive so as to infl uence a large number of people.

O .The Adventure Club of your school is organising an expedition to Kolli hills. Design an attractive poster for the same, giving relevant details. (The following table will help you design your poster.)


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