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Shared Information Style

Blackboard Style, Blackboard LL, Rule-Based Style, Rule-Based LL.

Shared Information Style

Blackboard Style

               Two kinds of components


Central data structure blackboard


Components operating on the blackboard


               System control is entirely driven by the blackboard state




Typically used for AI systems


Integrated software environments (e.g., Interlisp)


Compiler architecture

Blackboard LL

Rule-Based Style


Inference engine parses user input and determines whether it is a fact/rule or a query. If it is a fact/rule, it adds this entry to the knowledge base. Otherwise, it queries the knowledge base for applicable rules and attempts to resolve the query.

Components: User interface, inference engine, knowledge base


               Connectors: Components are tightly interconnected, with direct procedure calls and/or shared memory.


               Data Elements: Facts and queries


               Behavior of the application can be very easily modified through addition or deletion of rules from the knowledge base.


               Caution: When a large number of rules are involved understanding the interactions between multiple rules affected by the same facts can become VERY difficult.


Rule-Based LL

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