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Chapter: 9th EM English : Drama : Old Man River

Read and Understand - Old Man River

English : Drama : Old Man River : Read and Understand

Read and Understand

G. Based on your understanding of the play , choose the correct answer and fill in the blanks.

1. The radio announced that__________________________

a)     the river was above the flood stage.

b)    the Burnet Dam had given way.

c)     there will be a cloud burst.

d)    they will be a cyclone.

2. Mother couldn’t get home from Mrs. Brant’s because_____________

a)     it was raining heavily.

b)    the bridges between home and the town were under water.

c)     there was an emergency at Mrs. Brant’s house.

d)    she had broken her leg.

3. The Burnett Dam gave away as____________

a)     it rained for days.

b)    the dam was weak.

c)     it rained heavily and the snow was melting.

d)    the maintenance was poor.

4. There was no power because_______

a)     the power house was out of commission.

b)    the power house was flooded.

c)     the dam gave away.

d)    there was fire.

5. Why did they splint up Sara’s leg with pillows?

a)     She was unconscious out of fear.

b)    She had broken her leg below the knee.

c)     She was too lazy to walk.

d)    She was making a fuss.

H. Match the following by drawing a line across column A and B.

I. Based on your reading, answer the following in two or three sentences each.

1.     Why did Jim run from school?

2.     Where was Amy’s mother?

3.     Why did Amy ask Betty to fill in the water tubs?

4.     According to Jim what are the two things that a person should remember in times of emergency?

5.     Why is Jim climbing on the roof?

6.     Who were there in the living room? What were they doing?

7.     Why were they going to sleep in the attic?

8.     Who came in the boat?

9.     Who is the founder of the Junior Red Cross?

J. Based on your understanding of the text, answer the following in about 3 to 4 sentences each.

1.     Describe the ‘home alone’ experience of the children.

2.     Elaborate the rescue operation undertaken by Mr. Peter.

3.     How did Jim prove himself as a good rescuer in the flood situation?

4.     Briefly narrate the happenings of the play in Scene II.

a)     How did Amy manage the situation at home?

b)    How did Jim prove to be a real rescuer ?

c)     How did the Marshal save the children?

Think and answer

You are one of the survivors of an earthquake that has affected your city a lot. Share the trauma you underwent and what helped you to sail through it. Give a talk for two minutes.

K. Using a dictionary, find out the synonyms and the antonyms of the words given below. One has been done for you.

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9th EM English : Drama : Old Man River : Read and Understand - Old Man River | Drama by Dorothy Deming

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