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Food | Term 2 Chapter 1 | 3rd Science - Questions with Answers | 3rd Science : Term 2 Unit 1 : Food

Chapter: 3rd Science : Term 2 Unit 1 : Food

Questions with Answers

3rd Science : Term 2 Unit 1 : Food : Text Book Back Exercises Questions with Answers, Solution, Evaluation; Choose the correct answer, Fill in the blanks, Say True or False, Match the following, Short Answers, Answer briefly, Answer in detail, Questions based on higher order thinking, Student Activities, Student Project

Food (Term 2 Chapter 1 | 3rd Science)



I. Choose and write the correct answer.

1. Bread, wheat and potato are rich in_____________

a. fats

b. carbohydrate

c. protein

d. roughage

Answer : b. carbohydrate


2. A balanced diet contains___________

a. Carbohydrates and vitamins

b. Proteins, fats and minerals

c. Fibre and water

d. All the above

Answer : d. All the above


3. The Vitamin present in carrot is_________

a. Vitamin-K

b. Vitamin-A

c. Vitamin-D

d. Vitamin-E

Answer : b. Vitamin-A


4. Which of these things are BAD for you?

a. Eating green vegetables

b. Washing vegetables before cutting them

c. Eating lot of fat food items

d. Eating lot of pulses

Answer : c. Eating lot of fat food items


5. The given picture shows that Raman is most likely eating his

a. Breakfast

b. Lunch

c. Dinner

Answer : b.Lunch


II. Fill in the blanks.

1. Food rich in Proteins are called body-building food.

2. Minerals helps in proper functioning of our body.

3. A balanced diet is necessary for the proper growth and development of our body.

4. Sprouted seeds contain more Protein.

5. Lunch is the second meal of a day.


III. Match the following.

1. Carbohydrates and fats - Supports body growth

2. Vitamins - Regulates body functions

3. Protein - Energy-giving food

4. Minerals - Fights diseases


1. Carbohydrates and fats - Energy-giving food

2. Vitamins - Fights diseases

3. Protein - Supports body growth

4. Minerals - Regulates body functions


IV. Answer the following questions.

1. How many nutrients are there? What are they?

There are five nutrients. They are

1. Carbohydrates

2. Proteins

3. Fats

4. Vitamins

5. Minerals.

2. Siva is 6 years old. He needs to have good amount of proteins. Give reason.

Protein is essential for building, maintaining and repairing the tissues in our body. Six year – old children are in a continual state of growth and development. So Siva needs to have good amount of proteins.

3. What is a balanced diet?

A diet which contains all nutrients in the right amounts is called a balanced diet.

4. What are the meals in a day?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the three meals in a day.

5. What are some traditional food items?

Ragi, Tinai, Samai, Kuthiraivaali, Varagu and Kambu are some traditional food items.

6. Write any three advantage of a Home Garden.

* We get fresh vegetables.

* It saves our money.

* Waste water can be reused.


V. Project work.

Collect pictures and prepare a chart on “Food Nutrients”.


Observe the picture and answer the questions given below.

a. The food items which should be avoided are indicated by red colour.

b. The food items which are healthy are indicated by yellow colour.

c. The food items which can be eaten in small quantities are indicated by green colour.

Let us Write

Energy – Giving Food Items

1. Rice

2. Wheat

3. Potato

4. Bread

Body – Protecting Food Items

1. Carrot

2. Orange

3. Papaya

Body - Building Food Items

1. Milk

2. Sprouted seeds

3. Egg

4. Nuts

Let us Write

A. What are the nutrients present in the following food items?

1. Rice contains Carbohydrate

2. Coconut oil contains Fat

3. Egg contains Proteins

4. Fig contains Minerals

5. Carrot contains Vitamins

B. Fill in the table given below.

More to know

* Carrot contains Vitamin-A

* Bran contains Vitamin-B

* Gooseberry contains Vitamin-C

* Milk contains Vitamin-D

* Sunflower oil contains Vitamin-E

* Cabbage contains Vitamin-K

Let us Find

Unscramble the following words and search them in the given grid (One is done for you).










Let us Do

Design a meal for your lunch.

Health Care!

Drink plenty of water every day. We should not spill the food while eating.

My Menu: Rice, Dal, Ghee, Curd, Banana, Rasam, Leech, Pickel, Water

To check whether it is a balanced diet, split your meal according to the nutrients.

Yes it is a balanced diet


What do you usually eat for breakfast?

We usually eat idly for breakfast.

Think: Which of the food items that are brought by your friends for lunch?

Sambar rice, biriyani, curd rice, lemon rice, tomato rice, tamarind rice etc.

Kaviya and Suriya have their dinner half an hour before going to bed. They like having chappathi, milk and fruits, and on some days idli, dosa or rice.

Think: At what time you go to bed every day?

I go to bed at 9 p.m every day.

Think: At what time you have your dinner?

I have my dinner at 7.30 p.m

Let us Do

Ask your friends what they like to eat and complete the table.

Try to Answer

Look at the pictures of different activities.

1. Which activities are healthy? 2, 4, 5

2. Which activities are not so healthy? 1, 3

Try to Answer

Some of the famous food items of Tamil Nadu are given below. Write the food items of the particular place.

(halwa, murukku, jackfruit, spices, kadalai mittai, mango, tea)

1. Manapparai is famous for murukku

2. The nilgiris is famous for tea

3. Panruti is famous for jackfruit

4. Kollimalai is famous for spices

5. Tirunelveli is famous for halwa

6. Kovilpatti is famous for kadalai mittai

7. Salem is famous for mango

Let us Discuss

Observe the pictures. Who needs more nutritious food? Why?

B. needs more nutritious food. The man is doing physical work. He needs more energy to pull the cart.

Try to Answer

Do your parents prepare the same food items for all festivals? If not, write the name of special food items prepared on different festivals.

Compare and discuss your list with that of your friends.

Let us Do

A. Colour the circle in ‘GREEN‛ for traditional food and RED‛ for modern food.

B. Using watercan / coconut shells, make a mini garden in your class rooms.

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