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Our Sweet Home | Term 1 Chapter 1 | 2nd English - Questions with Answers (Part 1) | 2nd English : Term 1 Unit 1 : Our Sweet Home

Chapter: 2nd English : Term 1 Unit 1 : Our Sweet Home

Questions with Answers (Part 1)

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Let us understood


1. Tick () the correct one.


a. Too small to make dosa.

    Too big to make dosa.

b. Too small to wear his old shirt.

    Too big to wear his old shirt.

c. Too big to carry the baby.

   Too small to carry the baby.


2. Who said these words? Choose and write.

Mom, mano, grandpa

a. “What am I the right size for?.” mano

b. “I can’t lift you up.” Mom

c. “You can’t sleep in the cradle.” grandpa


3. Listen, think and say.

a. Is Mano big enough to walk to school alone?

No. Mano is not big enough to walk to school alone

b. Why can’t Mano make dosa?

Mano is too small to make dosa!

c. Why can’t Mano climb on grandpa’s back?

Too big to climb on grandpa’s back!

d. Are you big or small?



Let us know

Valli and Chittu are very good friends. Today they are counting the things they have.

Chittu: Why do you add ‘s’ with your words?

Valli: I have more than one of each.

Note to the teacher: Explain to children that we add ‘s’ to a noun to make it more than one.


Let us practise

1. Match the words with the pictures.

2. Add “s” to make one into many.


Spell check

Fill in the missing letters.


Let us do

Word wall

give or good put saw if them up just see old then us come

* Make one set of flashcards with the words.

* Make children sit in a circle.

* Distribute the cards to all children.

* Let one child show a card to the next child.

* If the child can read, then he / she wins the card.

* Now, the child will show another card to the next child.

* Follow these steps in clockwise direction with all children.

* The child with the most cards wins.


Read aloud and circle the words you see in the word wall.

1. I like them.

2. He was a good old man.

3. I just saw him.

4. Can you see the fish?

5. Give me some jam.

6. Take us to the zoo.


Find and circle the words.

get, see, give, much, me, old, or, then, put, take, saw, come, just, by, for, to


Circle time – Let us talk

A. Display pictures of a rat, giraffe, dog, pig, snake and an elephant. Ask children to name the animals. Reinforce the structure –“This is a rat.” Let children repeat the structure.

B. Display pictures of a rat and an elephant. Ask children, “Is the rat small or big?” Say, “The rat is small.” Practise with all pictures using the structure. Use the pictures in pairs like - small rat and big elephant, tall giraffe and short dog, fat pig and thin snake.


Let us practice

The tree is big.

The plant is small.

The boy is tall.

The girl is short.

The book is thick.

The kite is thin.


Read and trace the words.


Let us say

Listen to the sound and repeat.


Read aloud.


Listen and repeat.

Flip the cloth.

Dust the nest.

Thank the monk.

Bring the drum.

Lend a hand.

Lift the gift.

Note to the teacher: Help children read the consonant clusters given above by blending the sounds of the letters e.g. c /k/ + l /l/ = cl /kl/. Teach children to blend letters to read the letter clusters.


Let us do

Word wall

clip   brass   flesh   flop   drag   drip   west   cost   wind   sand   rank   loft

* Make 4 sets of flashcards.

* Divide the class into four groups.

* Each group has a box with words and an empty box.

* You will read the word from the word wall.

* One child from each group will find the word and put it in the empty box.

* The group that finishes first wins.

* Practise with all children.


Circle the correct one.


Circle the odd one.

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