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List of ieee non embedded system real time Project Titles 2018-2019

List of ieee non embedded system real time Project Titles 2018-2019
Engineering College Final Year project , Electrical and Electronics Department , Embedded Department (EEE Dept , ECE Dept., E&I Dept )

  1. 1.       A Teleoperation Approach for Mobile Social Robots Incorporating Automatic Gaze Control and Three-Dimensional Spatial Visualization

    2.       A Voice-Input Voice-Output Communication Aid for People With Severe Speech Impairment

    3.       Automatic Control of Aircraft in Longitudinal Plane During Landing

    4.       Autonomous Solar Powered Irrigation System

    5.       A Smart Prepaid energy Metering system to control electricity theft

    6.       RFID-based digital content copy protection system in movie and audio rental agency

    7.       Self-Powered Wireless Sensor for Air Temperature and Velocity Measurements With Energy Harvesting Capability

    8.       5.2-GHz RF Power Harvester in 0.18-m CMOS for Implantable Intraocular Pressure Monitoring

    9.       A Contest-Oriented Project for Learning Intelligent Mobile Robots

    10.   A Fire Detection and Rescue Support Framework with Wireless Sensor Networks

    11.   A Green Solution for Intelligent Metropolitan Heating system with uSDCards

    12.   A low cost web based remote monitoring system with built-in security feature for vulnerable environments

    13.   A Microcontroller based mobile robotic platform for odor detection

    14.   A Scheme for the Application of Smart Message Language in a Wireless Meter Reading System

    15.   A Survey on Security for Mobile Devices

    16.   A wearable inertial-sensing-based body sensor network for shoulder range of motion assessment

    17.   A Wireless Sensor network for greenhouse climate control

    18.   A Zigbee-based wireless wearable electronic nose using flexible printed sensor array

    19.   Advanced Electronic Stability Control (Esc) With Anti and Crash Location Sensing Using GSM

    20.   An Active-Shunt Diverter for On-load Tap Changers

    21.   An apparatus in monitoring the energy charging system

    22.   Analysis of an Indoor Biomedical Radar-Based System for Health Monitoring

    23.   Application of temperature compensated ultrasonic ranging for blind person and verification using MATLAB

    24.   Artificial redirection of sensation from prosthetic fingers to the phantom hand map on transradial amputees vibrotactile versus mechanotactile sensory feedback

    25.   Automated Control System for Air Pollution Detection in Vehicles

    26.   Biomedical sensor network for cardiovascular fitness and activity monitoring

    27.   Bounded Constrained Filtering for GPSINS Integration

    28.   Building point of care health technologies on the IEEE 11073 health device standards

    29.   Capacitive seat sensors for multiple occupancy detection using a low-cost setup

    30.   Child Activity Recognition Based on Cooperative Fusion Model of a Triaxial Accelerometer and a Barometric Pressure Sensor

    31.   Cooperative Wireless-Based Obstacle Object Mapping and See-Through Capabilities in Robotic Networks

    32.   Coordinator Traffic Diffusion for Data-Intensive Zigbee Transmission in Real-time Electrocardiography Monitoring

    33.   Deep Sea Fishermen Patrol System for Coastal Intruder Positioning

    34.   Design and development of digital PID controller for DC motor drive system using embedded platform for mobile robot

    35.   Design and fabrication of a miniaturized ECG system with Bluetooth connectivity

    36.   Designing and Implementing a Human-Robot Team for Social Interactions

    37.   Development of a ZigBee-Based Wireless Sensor Network System

    38.   Embedded Power and Energy Measurement System Based on an Analog Multiplier

    39.   Embedded temperature monitoring system with a microcontroller used in the automotive industry

    40.   Engineering Challenges for Instrumenting and Controlling Integrated Organ-on-Chip Systems

    41.   Environment monitoring and device control using ARM based embedded controlled sensor network

    42.   HandiCom - Handheld Deaf and Dumb Communication Device based on Gesture to Voice and Speech to Image Word Translation with SMS Sending and Language

    43.   Hardware Demonstration of a Home Energy Management System for Demand Response Applications

    44.   Implementation of Automatic Gas Monitoring in a Domestic Energy Management System

    45.   Integrated design of efficient & reliable motor drive and PFC using low cost microcontroller with embedded PGAs and CLA

    46.   Integrated Lane and Vehicle Detection, Localization, and Tracking A Synergistic Approach

    47.   Intelligent Household LED Lighting System Considering Energy Efficiency and User Satisfaction

    48.   Intelligent Traffic Signal Control Using Wireless Sensor Networks

    49.   Introduction of electromagnetic image-based chipless RFID system

    50.   LabVIEW-base automatic rising and falling Speed Control of Stepper Motor

    51.   LOBOT Low-Cost, Self-Contained Localization of Small-Sized Ground Robotic Vehicles

    52.   Low Power Wireless Sensor Network for Building Monitoring

    53.   Management of Mechanical Vibration and Temperature in Small Wind Turbines using Zigbee Wireless Network

    54.   Maximum Power Point Tracking Employing Sliding Mode Control

    55.   Mobile robot localization using the phase of passive UHF-RFID signals

    56.   Modeling Object Flows from Distributed and Federated RFID Data Streams for Efficient Tracking and Tracing

    57.   Monitoring of cigarette smoking using wearable sensors and Support Vector Machines   

    58.   Online Monitoring of Geological CO2 Storage and Leakage Based on Wireless Sensor Networks

    59.   Passenger BUS alerts system for easy navigation of blind

    60.   Portable wireless biomedical temperature monitoring system Architecture and implementation Architecture and Implementation Architecture and Implementation

    61.   Power Consumption in Direct Interface Circuits

    62.   Real-time indoor surveillance based on smartphone and mobile robot

    63.   Remote Monitoring System of ECG and Body Temperature Signals

    64.   Remote-Control System of High Efficiency and Intelligent Street Lighting Using a ZigBee Network of Devices and Sensors

    65.   RFID range extension with low-power wireless edge devices

    66.   Sensing Devices and Sensor Signal Processing for Remote Monitoring of Vital Signs in CHF Patients

    67.   Sitting posture detection and recognition using force sensor

    68.   Smart Host Microcontroller for Optimal Battery Charging in a Solar-Powered Robotic Vehicle

    69.   Solar powered water quality monitoring system using wireless sensor network

    70.   The Intelligent CoPilot - A Constraint-Based Approach to Shared-Adaptive Control of Ground Vehicles

    71.   The New Approach to RFID Assisted Navigation Systems for VANETs

    72.   The Ultrasonic Distance Alarm System Based on MSP430F449

    73.   Towards the Implementation of IoT for Environmental Condition Monitoring in Homes

    74.   Vertical Edge based Car License Plate Detection Method

    75.   Wireless access control system based on IEEE 802.15.4

    76.   Wireless Capsule Endoscope for Targeted Drug Delivery Mechanics and Design Considerations

    77.   Zigbee and ATmega32 based wireless digital control and monitoring system For LED lighting

    78.   Zigbee Based Intelligent Driver Assistance System

    79.   A Battery Less Remote Control

    80.   A CAN Bus based system for monitoring and fault diagnosis in Wind Turbine

    81.   A Compact and Compliant External Pipe-Crawling Robot

    82.   A Compact Remote Monitoring System for a Three-Phase 10-kVA Energy- Efficient Switchable Distribution Transformer

    83.   A Fatigue Detection System with Eyeglasses Removal

    84.   A Framework for Daily Activity Monitoring and Fall Detection Based on Surface Electromyography and Accelerometer Signals

    85.   A friendly mobile Entertainment robot for disabled children   

    86.   A Geometric Distribution Reader Anti-Collision Protocol for RFID Dense Reader Environments

    87.   A Landslide Monitoring Technique based on Dual-Receiver & Phase Difference Measurements

    88.   A Low-Complexity ECG Feature Extraction Algorithm for Mobile Healthcare Applications

    89.   A Minimally Invasive Implantable Wireless Pressure Sensor for Continuous IOP Monitoring

    90.   A Model for the Optimization of the Maintenance Support Organization for Offshore Wind Farms

    91.   A Modeling Approach to Analyze Variability of Remanufacturing Process Routing

    92.   A Network Flow Model for the Performance Evaluation and Design of Material Separation Systems for Recycling

    93.   A New Type of Automatic Alarming Device to Rescue Accident Injured in Time

    94.   A Novel Approach for Broken Bar Fault Diagnosis in Induction Motors through Torque Monitoring

    95.   A Novel Approach to Implement Green Wave system and Detection of Stolen Vehicles

    96.   A Novel designee of Electronic Voting system Using Finger Print

    97.   A Pervasive Health System Integrating Patient Monitoring, Status Logging, and Social Sharing

    98.   A Petri Net and Extended Genetic Algorithm Combined Scheduling Method for Wafer Fabrication

    99.   A Probabilistic Framework for Decision-Making in Collision Avoidance Systems

    100.                        A Reliable Transmission Protocol for Zigbee - Based Wireless Patient Monitoring

    101.                        A Robot that Approaches Pedestrians

    102.                        A Robust Wearable health monitoring system based On WSN

    103.                        A Semi-Automated Positioning System for Contact-Mode Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

    104.                        A sensor system for unsupervised residential power usage monitoring

    105.                        A Simulation-Based Tool for Energy Efficient Building Design for a Class of Manufacturing Plants

    106.                        A Sub-Wavelength RF Source Tracking System for GPS-Denied Environments

    107.                        A System for Automatic Notification and Severity Estimation of Automotive Accidents

    108.                        A System-Prototype Representing 3D Space via Alternative-Sensing for Visually Impaired Navigation

    109.                        A Tactical Information Management System for Unmanned Vehicles Using Vehicular Ad-hoc Network

    110.                        A tactile micro transceiver for finger tip touch and movement recognition with texture expression

    111.                        A Topology based Model for Railway Train Control Systems

    112.                        A UAV system for inspection of industrial facilities

    113.                        A User Customizable Urban Traffic Information Collection Method based on Wireless Sensor Networks

    114.                        A Wi-Fi based smart wireless sensor network for monitoring an Agricultural Environment

    115.                        A Wireless Electrocardiogram Detection for Personal Health Monitoring

    116.                        A Wireless Passive Sensor for Temperature Compensated Remote PH Monitoring

    117.                        A wireless Smart Sensor Network Based on Multifunction Inter aerometric Radar Sensors for structural Health Monitoring

    118.                        A Zigbee SMS Alert System With Trust Mechanism In Wireless Sensor Networks

    119.                        Accelerometer based body sensing for Health Aging

    120.                        Accessible Display Design to Control Home Area Networks

    121.                        Adaptive Dispatching Rule for Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Facility

    122.                        Adaptive PD Controller Modeled via Support Vector Regression for a Biped Robot

    123.                        AFAM an Articulated Four Axes Micro robot for Nano scale Applications

    124.                        AFM-Based Robotic Nano-Hand for Stable Manipulation at Nano-scale

    125.                        Aided Navigation Techniques for Indoor And outdoor unmanned vehicles

    126.                        An Accelerometer-Based Digital Pen With a Trajectory Recognition Algorithm For Handwritten Digit and Gesture Recognition

    127.                        An Accurate Instruction-Level Energy Estimation Model and Tool for Embedded Systems

    128.                        An Assembly-Skill-Transferring Method for Cellular Manufacturing System-Part I: Verification of the Proposed Method for Motor Skill

    129.                        An Effective Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for a Real-World Hybrid Flow shop Problem in Steelmaking Process

    130.                        An efficient SMS-based framework for public health surveillance

    131.                        An Embedded Real-Time Finger-Vein Recognition System for Mobile Devices with PSoC mixed signal array

    132.                        An Embedded Systems Laboratory to Support Rapid Prototyping of Robotics and the Internet of Things

    133.                        An Empirical Study of Communication Infrastructures Towards the Smart Grid: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

    134.                        An Enhanced Accident Detection And Victim Status Indicating System

    135.                        An experimental study of interference in Smart Buildings

    136.                        An Icing On-Line Monitoring System of Transmission LiNES      based on WSN

    137.                        An indoor navigation approach to aid the physically disabled people

    138.                        An In-home Medication Management Solution Based on Intelligent Packaging and Ubiquitous Sensing

    139.                        An Innovative method of teaching electronic system design with PSoC

    140.                        An Integrated Health Management Process for Automotive Cyber-Physical Systems

    141.                        An Integrated Two-Level Self-Calibration Method for a Cable-Driven Humanoid Arm

    142.                        An Intelligent System for Large-scale Disaster Behavior Analysis and Reasoning

    143.                        An Interactive RFID-based Bracelet for Airport Luggage Tracking System

    144.                        An investigation into voltage transformers used for tariff metering of medium and high voltage loads and standard guideliNES      for its application

    145.                        An Optimal Power Scheduling Method for Demand Response in Home Energy Management System

    146.                        An Optimized Wireless Sensor Network used in Video Surveillance System

    147.                        An RTOS-based Architecture for Industrial Wireless Sensor Network Stacks with Multi-Processor Support

    148.                        Analysis and design of an embedded system to aid the navigation of the visually impaired

    149.                        ARM Hardware Platform for Vehicular Monitoring and Tracking

    150.                        Assembly Strategies for Remanufacturing Systems with Variable Quality Returns

    151.                        Audiovisual Voice Activity Detection based on Microphone Arrays and Color Information

    152.                        Automated Real-Time Detection of Potentially Suspicious Behavior in Public Transport Areas

    153.                        Automated Retail Store Based on RFID

    154.                        Automated Urban drinking water supply control and water theft identification system

    155.                        Automatic Docking system for Recharging Home Surveillance Robots

    156.                        Automatic Lighting System Using Multiple Robotic Lamps

    157.                        Automatic speed and torque monitoring in induction motor using Zigbee and GSM.   

    158.                        Automatic Weed Detection System and Smart Herbicide Sprayer Robot for corn fields

    159.                        Battery Energy Storage Station (BESS)-based Smoothing Control of Photovoltaic (PV) and Wind Power Generation Fluctuations

    160.                        Biometric Authentication using Mouse Gesture Dynamics

    161.                        Building a Smart Home System with WSN and Service Robot

    162.                        Calibration of Stochastic Computer Models using Stochastic Approximation Methods

    163.                        Cap sense based industrial appliance control system with PSoC mixed signal array

    164.                        Cap sense based window selection on GLCD with PSoC mixed signal array

    165.                        Carbon Footprint and the Management of Supply Chains: Insights from Simple Models

    166.                        Certificate less Remote Anonymous Authentication Schemes for Wireless Body Area Networks

    167.                        Challenges and Opportunities for Securing Intelligent Transportation System

    168.                        Characterization of Rice Paddies by a UAV-Mounted Miniature Hyperspectral Sensor System

    169.                        Child Activity Recognition based on Cooperative Fusion Model of a Triaxial Accelerometer and a Barometric Pressure Sensor

    170.                        Communication Networks of Domestic Small-Scale Renewable Energy Systems

    171.                        Conditional Privacy Preserving Security Protocol for NFC Applications

    172.                        Context Aware Driver Behavior Detection System in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

    173.                        Context-Adaptive Multimodal Wireless Sensor Network for Energy-Efficient Gas Monitoring

    174.                        Contingency Planning Over Probabilistic Obstacle Predictions for Autonomous Road Vehicles

    175.                        Controlling a Human-Computer Interface System with a Novel Classification Method that uses Electrooculography Signals

    176.                        Coordinated Control of the Bus Tie Switches and Power Supply Converters for Fault Protection in DC Microgrids

    177.                        Coordinated Iterative Learning Control Schemes for Train Trajectory Tracking with Over speed Protection

    178.                        Correct-by-Construction and Optimal Synthesis of Beacon-Enabled Zigbee Network

    179.                        Cortex-Feet: Foot Neuropathy Analyzer and Blood Flow Stimulator embedded in Smart Motion Sensing Shoes designed for Diabetic Patients

    180.                        Crack detection by a climbing robot using image analysis

    181.                        CSMA/CD Technique based Controller Area Network implementation for reducing error rate in automobile applications

    182.                        CSMA/CD Topology based AMR systems cumulative power logging in industrial motors

    183.                        Customized Ultra High Frequency Radio Frequency Identification Tags and Reader Antennas Enabling Reliable Mobile Robot Navigation

    184.                        Data-Based Modeling of Vehicle Crash using Adaptive Neural-Fuzzy Inference System

    185.                        Decision Making and Finite-Time Motion Control for a Group of Robots

    186.                        Design and Development of Digital PID Controller for DC Motor Drive System using Embedded Platform for Mobile Robot

    187.                        Design and Development Of PIC Microcontroller based Vehicle Monitoring System using Controller Area Network (CAN) Protocol

    188.                        Design and Implementation of a Web-Service-Based Public-Oriented Personalized Health Care Platform

    189.                        Design and implementation of intelligent energy distribution management with photovoltaic system

    190.                        Design and implementation of Real Time Embedded Tele-Health Monitoring system

    191.                        Design of a Low-Power On-Body ECG Classifier for Remote Cardiovascular Monitoring Systems

    192.                        Design of an Intelligent Electric Vehicle for Blind

    193.                        Design of Emergency Remote Security Monitoring and control system based on ARM and Zigbee

    194.                        Design of Milk Analysis Embedded System for Dairy Farmers

    195.                        Design of the Smart Home Based on Embedded System

    196.                        Designing a Sustainable and Distributed Generation System for Semiconductor Wafer Fabs

    197.                        Deterministic and event triggered MAC protocol for industrial wireless networks

    198.                        Developing a NFC based Patient Identification and Ward Round System for Mobile Devices using the Android Platform

    199.                        Development and Evaluation of Object-Based Visual Attention for Automatic Perception of Robots

    200.                        Development of a magnetic control system for an electric wheelchair using the tongue.

    201.                        Development of a Residential Appliance Control Interface (ACI) Module using Smart Systems

    202.                        Development of a Wireless Sensor for the Measurement of Chicken Blood Flow Using the Laser Doppler Blood Flow Meter Technique

    203.                        Development of Biomedical Data Acquisition System in Hard Real-Time Linux Environment

    204.                        Developments of the in-home display systems for residential energy monitoring

    205.                        Distributed Compression for Condition Monitoring of Wind Farms

    206.                        Downlink Scheduling with Transmission Strategy Selection for Multi-Cell Mimo Systems

    207.                        Driver Fatigue Detection Using Machine Vision Approach

    208.                        Dynamic Ultrasonic Hybrid Localization System for Indoor Mobile Robots

    209.                        Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks for Real Time Safeguard of Workers Exposed to Physical Agents in Constructions Sites

    210.                        Efficient Traffic State Estimation for Large-Scale Urban Road Networks

    211.                        Electric Vehicle Charging Method for Smart Homes/Buildings with a Photovoltaic System

    212.                        Electromechanical Energy Scavenging from Current-Carrying Conductors

    213.                        Electromyography Based Locomotion Pattern Recognition and Personal Positioning Toward Improved Context-Awareness Applications

    214.                        Embedded Flexible Force Sensor for In-Situ Tire-Road Interaction Measurements

    215.                        Embedded system integrated into a wireless sensor network for online dynamic Torque and efficiency monitoring in Induction Motors

    216.                        Emergency Management of Urban Rail Transportation based on Parallel Systems

    217.                        Energy management in an automated Solar powered irrigation system

    218.                        Energy Reduction in a Pallet-Constrained Flow Shop Through On-Off Control of Idle MachiNES   

    219.                        Energy Saving Opportunity Analysis of Automotive Serial Production Systems

    220.                        Energy-Efficient Production Systems through Schedule-Based Operations

    221.                        Ethernet Enabled Digital I/0 Control in Embedded Systems

    222.                        EVANS 3: Home appliance control system with appliance authentication framework using Augmented Reality technology

    223.                        Expanding Gate Level Information Flow Tracking for Multilevel Security

    224.                        Experimental Analysis of Laser Interferometry based Robust Motion Tracking Control of a Flexure-Based Mechanism

    225.                        Experimental Investigation of the Roles of Blood Volume and Density in Finger Photoplethysmography

    226.                        Experimental Study and Design of Smart Energy Meter for the Smart Grid

    227.                        Experimental Study on the Atmospheric Delay based on GPS, SAR Interferometry and Numerical Weather Model Data

    228.                        Fabrication and Characterization of Micromachined Piezoelectric T-Beam Actuators

    229.                        Fall Detection by built-In Tri axes Accelerometer On Smartphone

    230.                        Fault Detection by Labeled Petri Nets in Centralized and Distributed Approaches

    231.                        Fault Diagnosis using an Enhanced Relevance Vector Machine (RVM) for Partially Diagnosable Multi-station Assembly Processes

    232.                        Field variables Monitoring in real time (GPS, Soil, Temperature) with precision Farming Application

    233.                        Formal Methods for Early Analysis of Functional Reliability in Component-Based Embedded Applications

    234.                        Front Sensor and GPS-Based Lateral Control of Automated Vehicles

    235.                        Functional and Behavior Models for the Supervision of an Intelligent and Autonomous System

    236.                        Fuzzy Virtual Reference Model Sensorless Tracking Control for Linear Induction Motors

    237.                        Gestures for industry Intuitive human-robot communication from human observation

    238.                        GPS Patrol: Deep Sea Fishermen Patrol System for Coastal Intruder Positioning and Inshore Fishery Control

    239.                        Green Charge: Managing Renewable Energy in Smart Buildings

    240.                        GSM based automatic energy meter reading system with instant billing

    241.                        High detection performance of non Dispersive infrared CO2 sensor using stair-tapered reflector

    242.                        High-Level Scheduling of Energy Optimal Trajectories

    243.                        High-Resolution Parameter Estimation Method to Identify Broken Rotor Bar Faults in Induction Motors

    244.                        High-Speed Hardware Arbitration Supporting Priorities and Bounded Service Latency

    245.                        High-Temperature UHF RFID Sensor Measurements in a Full-Metal Environment

    246.                        HMM-based Human Fall Detection and Prediction Method using Tri-Axial Accelerometer

    247.                        Human Health Monitoring Mobile Phone Application by using the Wireless sensor based Embedded System

    248.                        Human Operator Studies of Portable Touch screen Crane Control Interfaces

    249.                        Hybrid Analysis in the Latent NES    tling Method Applied to Fault Diagnosis

    250.                        Hybrid RFID System-based Pedestrian Localization: A Case Study

    251.                        Implementation of a CAN-based multi controller digital driving system for a vehicle

    252.                        Implementation of Wireless Controller Area Network (WCAN) for advanced Instrumentation handling protocol in Industries

    253.                        Indoor Positioning: A Review of Indoor Ultrasonic Positioning systems

    254.                        Induction Machine Fault Diagnosis using Microcontroller and Real Time Digital Simulation Unit Ethernet enabled Digital I/O Control in Embedded System

    255.                        Integration and Operation of a Single-Phase Bidirectional Inverter with Two Buck/Boost MPPTS for DC-Distribution Applications

    256.                        Intelligent Monitoring and Control Rendered to Street Lighting

    257.                        Intelligent Parking System for Car Parking Guidance and Damage Notification

    258.                        Intelligent Technologies for Self-Sustaining, RFID-Based, Rural E-Health Systems

    259.                        Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System using Wireless Communication on PSoC

    260.                        Intel-Skull: Augmented Reality Helmet for Road Hazard Warning, Wireless Bike Authentication and Traffic Adaptive MP3 Playback

    261.                        Localization of Wireless Sensor Networks in the Wild: Pursuit of Ranging Quality

    262.                        Location-Aware and Safer Cards: Enhancing RFID Security and Privacy via Location Sensing

    263.                        Locking and Unlocking of Theft Vehicles Using CAN

    264.                        Micro-power Design of a Fully Autonomous Energy Harvesting Circuit for Arrays of Piezoelectric Transducers

    265.                        Micro-Receptionist: Smart Visitor Guidance Robot with Embedded Touchscreen Panel featuring Onscreen Signature Verification, Campus Map Rendering and Multi-Lingual Voice

    266.                        Minimal Grasper: A Practical Robotic Grasper With Robust Performance for Pick-and-Place Tasks

    267.                        Mobile PhoNES      as Seismologic Sensors Automating Data Extraction for the iShake System

    268.                        Model Predictive and Genetic Algorithm-Based Optimization of Residential Temperature Control in the Presence of Time-Varying Electricity Prices

    269.                        Modeling of Driver Behavior in Real World Scenarios using Multiple Noninvasive Sensors

    270.                        Monitoring driving habits through an automotive CAN network

    271.                        Monitoring the Marine Atmospheric Refractivity Profiles by Ground-based GPS Occultation

    272.                        Motion Planning and Stabilization Control of a Multipropeller Multifunction Aerial Robot

    273.                        Motorbike ESC: Active Stability Control with ABS and Crash Location Sensing without GPS for E-Bicycles

    274.                        Moving Cells: A Promising Solution to Boost Performance for Vehicular Users

    275.                        MSU Jumper: A Single-Motor-Actuated Miniature Steerable Jumping Robot

    276.                        Multi Sensor Railway Track Geometry Surveying System

    277.                        Multi-Platform Wireless Measurement System for Continuous Biomonitoring

    278.                        Multiple Working Mode Control of Door-Opening With a Mobile Modular and Reconfigurable Robot

    279.                        Multi-sensor tracking and lane estimation in highly automated vehicles

    280.                        Novel Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks for Machine Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis

    281.                        Omega-Shaped Inchworm-Inspired Crawling Robot With Large-Index-and-Pitch (LIP) SMA Spring Actuators

    282.                        Online Control of Fuzzy Based Mine Detecting Robot Using Virtual Instrumentation

    283.                        Online Sensor Activation for Detectability of Discrete Event Systems

    284.                        Opportunity Estimation for Real-Time Energy Control of Sustainable Manufacturing Systems

    285.                        Optimal Angular Movement of Laser Beam in SPR using an Embedded Controller

    286.                        Optimal Demand Response Capacity of Automatic Lighting Control

    287.                        PDMS Microcantilever based Flow Sensor Integration for Lab-on-a-Chip

    288.                        Performance Metrics of Speed and Separation Monitoring in Shared Workspaces

    289.                        Performance-based Classification of Occupant Posture to Reduce the Risk of Injury in a Collision

    290.                        Pervasive Technology and Public Transport: Opportunities Beyond Telematics

    291.                        Photovoltaic Power-Increment-Aided Incremental-Conductance MPPT with Two-Phased Tracking

    292.                        Piezoelectric Vibratory-Cantilever Force Sensors and Axial Sensitivity Analysis for Individual Triaxial Tactile Sensing

    293.                        PIR sensor based Lighting Device with Ultra-Low Standby Power Consumption

    294.                        Portable Camera-based Assistive Text and Product Label Reading from Hand-Held Objects for Blind Persons

    295.                        Predictive Prevention of Loss Of Vehicle Control for Roadway Departure Avoidance

    296.                        Preemptive scheduling execution in Real Time OS for Multilayer security system

    297.                        Prioritized Vehicle to vehicle communication using Wireless CAN Network with Graphical User Interface (GUI) System

    298.                        Prototype of a fingerprint based licensing system for driving

    299.                        Prototype of an Underground Multi-Storied Automated Car Parking System

    300.                        Prototypes of Opportunistic Wireless Sensor Networks Supporting Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

    301.                        Real Life Applicable Fall Detection System Based on Wireless Body Area network

    302.                        Real Time hand gesture Detection and recognition Using Bag-Of-Features and Support Vector Machine Techniques

    303.                        Real Time Operating System based environmental data capturing and analysis

    304.                        Reconfigurable Computing in Next-Generation Automotive Networks

    305.                        Reliability Guarantees in Automata-Based Scheduling for Embedded Control Software

    306.                        Remote control system of high efficiency and intelligent street lighting using Zigbee network of devices and sensors

    307.                        Requirement-Based Bidding Language for Agent-Based Scheduling

    308.                        Research on Elevator Intelligent-Card Control System based on Can Bus

    309.                        Research on the Tele-Operating Robot System With Tele-Presence

    310.                        Research on water saving irrigation automation control system based on internet on things

    311.                        RFID based Digital Content Copy Protection System in Movie and Audio Rental Agency

    312.                        RFID based Location System for Forest Search and Rescue Missions

    313.                        RFID based Tracking System Preventing Trees Extinction and Deforestation

    314.                        Robot Navigation System Using RFID and Sensors

    315.                        Robust Adaptive Controller for a Tractor-Trailer Mobile Robot

    316.                        Robust Part based Hand Gesture Recognition based On Finger-Earth Mover's Distance

    317.                        RT-Linux priority reversal and priority inheritance mechanism

    318.                        Safe Maritime Autonomous Navigation With COLREGS, using Velocity Obstacles

    319.                        Scheduling Cluster Tools with Ready Time Constraints for Consecutive Small Lots

    320.                        Security of Autonomous Systems Employing Embedded Computing and Sensors

    321.                        Self-Configuration of Waypoints for Docking Maneuvers of Flexible Automated Guided Vehicles

    322.                        Self-recognition of Vehicle Position Using UHF Passive RFID Tags

    323.                        Sensor Network based Oil Well health monitoring and intelligent control

    324.                        Sensorless Control of BLDC Motor Drive for an Automotive Fuel Pump using a Hysteresis Comparator

    325.                        Shared Steering Control Between a Driver and an Automation: Stability in the Presence of Driver Behavior Uncertainty

    326.                        Simultaneous Fault Section Estimation and Protective Device Failure Detection using Percentage Values of the Protective Devices Alarms

    327.                        Smart Personal Sensor Network Control for Energy Saving in a DC Grid Powered Led

    328.                        Smartphone Enabled Dangerous Driving Report System

    329.                        Soft-core Processor Optimization According to Real-Application Requirements

    330.                        Speed Control of Electrical Drives Using Classical Control Methods

    331.                        Stochastic Approach for Short-Term Freeway Traffic Prediction during Peak Periods

    332.                        Student-Scope: Handheld All-in-One Electronics Lab Assistant Device with USB Connectivity for Engineering Students (Digital Signal Oscilloscope, Waveform Storage and Playback, Frequency Generator, Logic Analyzer, Voltmeter, Ammeter, Ohmmeter, Tachometer, Audiometer, Motion, Light, Temperature and Calculator)

    333.                        Super-Lock: Next Generation Auto Theft Prevention System using Smart Gravitational Lock, Cryptographic Keyless Entry, Touchscreen Ignition, Ubiquitous Vehicle Tracking, GPS Fencing and Remote Fuel Cut-off

    334.                        Swarm Intelligence Approaches to Optimal Power Flow Problem with Distributed Generator Failures in Power Networks

    335.                        Switched Ethernet-based Real-Time Networked Control System with Multiple-Client-Server Architecture

    336.                        System and Method for Passive Surveillance in Indoor Environments based on Principal Components of The Signal Strength Variation

    337.                        Tank-Like Module-based Climbing Robot using Passive Compliant Joints

    338.                        The House Intelligent Switch Control Network Based on CAN Bus

    339.                        The PLC based Control System for Intelligent Garage

    340.                        The Study for Application of ZIGBEE Location Tracing Monitoring System for ATM Device Theft

    341.                        The Wireless Transmission Design of a Novel Electronic Current Transformer

    342.                        Thermal analysis and Characteristics Measurement System For Automotive health management for Based on RTOS

    343.                        Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting of Human Body Heat for Wearable Sensors

    344.                        Tour Planning for Mobile Data-Gathering Mechanisms in Wireless Sensor Networks

    345.                        Towards a New Modality-Independent Interface for a Robotic Wheelchair

    346.                        Towards a system for body-area sensing and detection of alcohol craving and mood dysregulation

    347.                        Traffic Signal Control System Based on Wireless Technology

    348.                        Traffic Violation Detection Using Multiple Trajectories Evaluation of Vehicles

    349.                        Triaxial Accelerometer-Based Fall Detection Method Using a Self-Constructing Cascade-AdaBoost-SVM Classifier

    350.                        Tricorder: Smart Tricorder Device for Real World Scientific Exploration aimed to Trigger Intellectual Curiosity in Children and Younger Generation

    351.                        Ultrasonic spectacles and waist belt for virtually impaired and blind person

    352.                        Uncertainty-Aware Household Appliance Scheduling Considering Dynamic Electricity Pricing in Smart Home

    353.                        Using Multi-Robot Systems for Engineering Education: Teaching and Outreach with Large Numbers of an Advanced, Low-Cost Robot

    354.                        Vehicle Positioning Using GSM and Cascade-Connected ANN Structures

    355.                        Vehicular Traffic Density State Estimation Using Support Vector Machine

    356.                        Vibrational Energy Harvesting from Human Gait

    357.                        Video Surveillance System And Facility To Access Pc From Remote Areas Using Smart Phone

    358.                        Virtual Battery - A Battery Simulation Framework for Electric Vehicles

    359.                        Virtual electric wheelchair controlled by electromyographic signals.

    360.                        Visual Control of an Automatic Manipulation System by Microscope and Pneumatic Actuator

    361.                        Water Environment Monitoring System Based on ZIGBEE Technology

    362.                        Weapon Authentication & control System Based on PSoC mixed signal array

    363.                        Wearable Wireless Vital Monitoring Technology for Smart Health Care

    364.                        Web based Remote Navigational Robot for Multiclass Human-Robot Interaction

    365.                        Wheelchair obstacle avoidance based on fuzzy Controller and ultrasonic sensors

    366.                        Wireless and Piezoelectric Sensory Fusion System for Indoor Human/Robot Localization and Monitoring

    367.                        Wireless based load control and power monitoring system

    368.                        Wireless Black Box Using MEMS Accelerometer and GPS Tracking for Accidental Monitoring of Vehicles

    369.                        Wireless Machine to Machine Healthcare Solution Using Android Mobile Devices in Global Networks

    370.                        Wireless Sensor Network Based Home Monitoring System for WellNES    s Determination of Elderly

    371.                        Wireless Sensor Network Based Smart Home: Sensor Selection, Deployment and Monitoring

    372.                        Wireless Sensor Network For Multi-Storey Building: Design and Implementation

    373.                        Wireless Surface Acoustic Wave Pressure and Temperature Sensor With Unique Identification Based on LiNbO3

    374.                        Zigbee-assisted Power Saving Management for Mobile Devices


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Engineering College Final Year project , Electrical and electronics Engineering Embdded Department EEE Dept ECE Dept EI Dept Idea Report download

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