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Healthy ways to deal with stress

Healthy ways to deal with stress

Take common clues to stress - headaches, indigestion, sleep-lessness and sweaty palms - seriously. Learn to manage stress using these techniques:


Change the factors you can


You may not be able to walk away from a stressful job or home situation, but you can develop new responses to defuse anger or conflict. You can also learn to manage your time better with stress-lowering techniques - from delegating household responsibilities to just saying no.


Exercise regularly


The natural decrease in adrenaline production after exercise may counteract the stress response. People who are physically fit handle stress better.




Learning techniques such as guided imagery, meditation, muscle relaxation and relaxed breathing can help you relax. Your goal is to lower your heart rate and blood pressure while reducing muscle tension. You can also focus on hobbies or activities you find calming, such as reading, listening to music or playing with your pet.


Find a friend


From dealing with cancer to coping with a troubled relation-ship, social support can help reduce stress and prolong life.

Recognize when you need help


If stress is keeping you from work or recreation, talk with your doctor or a specialist in behavioral medicine. Behavioral therapy is one approach that can help you gain control over your symptoms.


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