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TENSE – TIME, Conditional sentences with ‘If’ - Grammar | 8th English : Unit 5 : Prose : Being Safe

Chapter: 8th English : Unit 5 : Prose : Being Safe


Grammar : 1. TENSE – TIME, 2. Conditional sentences with ‘If’





B. Fill in the blanks with appropriate form of the verbs given in the brackets.


1. When the burglars broke into the house, everybody was having a (have) sound sleep.

2. The milk was spitting (spill) over as she went to see the crowd passing by with loud slogans.

3. If Karthik did not make (not + make) any mistake, he will be rewarded.

4. They were watching TV when they heard (hear) a loud bang at the door.

5. The bus left (leave) the stop before we could catch it.

6. Arya had been playing (play) the same song for last three days. It has become boring now.

7. Manju called (call) after we reach home.

8. The show will have been completed (complete) its one thousand episodes by next month.

9. Don’t worry, we will be reaching (reach) the airport in time.

10. Prasanna has fallen (fall) sick after eating some snacks at the street side shop.


C. Tick the correct option to complete the sentences.


1. The climate of the city _______ mild and pleasant most of the time.

a) is remaining

b) remains

c) was remaining

d) is remained

[Answer: (b) remains]


2. One day he _______ into a hotel in Ooty, a beautiful city in Tamilnadu.

a) booking

b) was booking

c) booked

d) had booked

[Answer: (c) booked]


3. You will certainly _______  rewards for what you are doing.

a) get

b) had got

c) was getting

 d) be getting

[Answer: (d) be getting]


4. Do you _______ the day we moved the piano upstairs?

a) Remember

 b) remembered

c) are remembering

d) had remembered

[Answer: (a) remember]


4. The rain completely _______ our day.

a) spoilt

b) is spoiling

c) is spoilt

d) was spoilt

[Answer: (a) spoilt]


6. Akbar _______  the king at the age of fifteen after the sudden death of his father.

a) was becoming

b) had become

c) became

d) become

[Answer: (c) became]


7. The criminal  _______ the place before the police could reach.

a) was escaping

 b) had escaped

c) is escaping

d) will escape

[Answer: (b) had escaped]


8. They _______ all the arrangements before the guest's arrival.

a) will have made

 b) will be made

c) had been making

d) were making

[Answer: (a) will have made]


9. Sabithra _______  her job by tomorrow evening.

a) will be completing

b) will complete

c) will have completed

d) will have been completing

[Answer: (d) will have been completing]


10. Harshini  _______ her mother in making rangoli in the yard for last one hour.

a) is helping

b) has helped

c) has been helping

d) helps

[Answer: (c) has been helping]


D. Identify the errors in the sentences given below and rewrite them.


1. I have met him yesterday.

Answer:  I met him yesterday.

2. I am watching TV since morning.

Answer: I have been watching TV since this morning.

3. She is seeming sad.

Answer: She seems sad.

4. She watched TV when her husband came.

Answer: She was watching TV when her husband came.

5. He is having a cellular phone.

Answer: He has a cellular phone.

6. I heard him to speak on several subjects.

Answer:  I heard him speak on several subjects, (to - deleted)

7. Ten candidates have passed one failed.

Answer: Ten candidates have passed and one failed.

8. He succeeded because he works hard.

Answer:  He succeeded because he worked hard.

9. How long are you working in this office?

Answer: How long have you been working in this office?

10. I shall wait for you till you will finish your work.

Answer:  I shall wait for you till you finish your work, (will - deleted)

11. When I reached the station, the train already left.

Answer: When I reached the station, the train had already left.

12. She or he have done well.

Answer:  She or he has done well.

13. One of the boys are missing.

Answer: One of the boys is missing.

14. None is genuine.

Answer:  No one is genuine.

15. She is waiting for you for 3 hours.

Answer:  She has been waiting for you for 3 hours.



Fill in the blanks with correct form of the verbs in the brackets.

1. He played football and then------------- home, (go)

[Answer: went]

2. He----------------- five matches by then, (won)

[Answer: will have won]

3. They were She’ll be---------------for you. (look)

[Answer: looking]

4. She’II be----------------tonight (come)

[Answer: coming]

5. By this time she leaves, Jane----------- here for 3 years, (live)

[Answer: will have been living]

6. He is a book, (read)

[Answer: reading]

7. He , before I came back from the market, (sleep)

[Answer: had slept]

8. He to London yesterday, (fly)

[Answer: flew]

9.The light went out, while they-----------(read)

[Answer: were reading]

10. He when I called, (exercise)

[Answer: had been exercising]


Conditional sentences with ‘If’

Conditional Sentences are also known as Conditional Clauses or If Clauses. They are used to express that the action in the main clause (without if) can only take place if a certain condition (in the clause with if) is fulfilled. There are three types of Conditional Sentences.

Conditional Sentence Type 1

It is possible and also very likely that the condition will be fulfilled.

Example: If I find her address, I’ll send her an invitation.

Conditional Sentence Type 2

It is possible but very unlikely, that the condition will be fulfilled.

Example: If I found her address, I would send her an invitation.

Conditional Sentence Type 3

It is impossible that the condition will be fulfilled because it refers to the past.

Example: If I had found her address, I would have sent her an invitation.


1. Complete the Conditional Sentences. Decide whether to use Type I, II or III.

1. If I had time, I would go (go) shopping with you.

2. If you speak (speak) English, you will get along with them perfectly.

3. If they had gone for a walk, they would have turned (turn) the lights off.

4. If she comes (come) to see us, we will go to the zoo.

5. I would have told you, if I had seen (see) him.


2. Choose the best answer.


1. I will come if I  ___________ time.

a. Have

 b. had

c. will have

[Answer: (a) have]


2. If he is late, we ___________ without him.

a. would start

 b. would have started

 c. will start

[Answer: (c) will start]


3. If you ___________ me, I would tell you.

a. will ask

 b. asked

 c. had asked

[Answer: (b) asked ]


4. Will it be all right if I ___________ a friend tonight?

a. had brought

 b. bring

 c. brought

[Answer: (a) bring]


5. If you ___________ to learn a musical instrument, you have to practice.

a. wants

b. wanted

c. want

[Answer:  (c) want]


3. Match the following.


1. If they worked hard - she will come to our party.

2. If I invite Shalini - I would have bought these shoes.

3. If I had got enough money - they would win.

[Answer: l-(c); 2-(a); 3-(b)]

1. If they worked hard (c) they would win.

2. If I invite Shalini (a) she will come to our party.

3. If I had got enough money (b) I would have bought these shoes.


4. Fill in the blanks with correct verb forms.


1. If you________out with your friends tonight, I________the football match on TV.

a. go, would watch

b. go, will watch

c. go, have watched

[Answer: (b) go, will watch]


2. If he________harder, he________his goals.

a. tries, would reach

b. tried, will reach

c. tried, would reach

[Answer: (c) tried, would reach]


3. If we ____________  to the radio, we_____ the news.

a. listen, would hear

b. had listen, will hear

c. listen, will hear

[Answer: (c) listen, will hear]




I. Choose the best answer:

1. If I play well, I------------ the match.

(a) would win

(b) will win

(c) would have won

[Answer: (b) will win]

2. If you wrote neatly, you------------ get a prize.

(a) would

(b) will

(c) would have

[Answer: (a) would]

3. If my friend gets the afternoon off, he-------- meet me at the station.

(a) would

(b) would have

(c) will

[Answer: (c) will]

4. Would you mind, if I---------------- the window?

(a) open

(b) opened

(c) would open

[Answer: (b) opened]

5. If my father don’t pick me up, I------------- take the bus home.

(a) will

(b) would

(c) would have

[Answer: (a) will ]

6. If they had invited me, I----------- have said no.

 (a) will

(b) will not

(c) wouldn’t

[Answer: (c) wouldn’t]

7. If I did it, nobody do it

(a) would

(b) will

(c) will not

[Answer: (a) would]

8. I------------buy these, if they fitted me.

(a) will

(b) would have

(c) would

[Answer: (c) would]

9. If he did not know the answer, it--------- surprise me.

 (a) would not

(b) will

(c) would have

[Answer: (a) would not]

10. If you had switched on the lights, you-----------fallen over the chair.

(a) would have

(b) would not have

(c) would

[Answer: (b) would not have]

II. Match the following:

1. If you like me-(a) I would not have attended the party.

2. If you want to make friends- (b) open the door.

3. If opportunity knocks- (c) I will get detention.

4. If it had rained-(d) you can’t be shy

5. If I am late to school- (e) let me go

[Answer: 1. (e); 2. (d); 3. (b); 4. (a); 5. (c)]

III. Fill in the blanks with the correct verb forms :

1. If you,--------- I---------- with you to the store.

(a) wanted, may come

(b) want, will come

(c) want, would not come

[Answer: (b) want, will come]

2. If I------- date to school, I----------- punished.

(a) am, will be

(b) was, would be

(c) was, will be

[Answer: (a) am, will be]

3. If I -------you, I--------- challenge him.

(a) am, will

(b) were, would

(c) was, shall

[Answer: (b) were, would ]

4. If you--------- happy, I---------- happy.

(a) are, am

(b) were, was

(c) are, was

[Answer: (a) are, am]

5. If there------------snow, we----------- snowman.

(a) was, made

(b) was, will make

(c) is, make

[Answer: (c) is, will make]

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