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Chapter: 11th Nursing : Chapter 10 : Health Education and Audio visual Aids

Audiovisual Aids

Audiovisual aids play an important role in health education.

Audiovisual Aids

Audiovisual aids play an important role in health education. They can be classified into three groups – purely auditory aids, purely visual and a combination of both auditory and visual aids

Media or materials in health education can be used for different purposes and for different groups of people. Learning and understanding seems to result when more senses, such as touch, sight and hearing are reached by the media.

If used properly they create interest and motivate people to learn. Learning is made more permanent because these aids supply a concrete basis for learning rather than abstract thinking.


Types of Audio – Visual Aids:

No health education can be effective without audio – visual aids. Audio-visual aids can be classified into 3 groups – (1) purely auditory; (2) Purely visual; (3) combined audio-visual.

(1) Auditory Aids

(2) Visual Aids


Combined Audio-Visual Aids

·           Sound films

·           Slide tape combination

·           Television

·           Computer & Internet

·           A Knowledge of the advantages, disadvantages and limitations of each audio-visual and is necessary in order to take proper use of them. Audio-visual aids are means to an end; not an end in themselves.


Audio Visual Aids (Used in Mass Media:)

1.        Posters: Posters are intended to attract public attention. Therefore, the material needs artistic preparation. The message on the poster should be short, simple, direct and one that can be taken at a glance and easy to understand. The life of a poster is usually short and needs frequent replacement. As a medium of health. Education, posters are not effective in changing human behavior.

Posters should be colourful to catch the eye and convey the message clearly, Simple language and short sentences should be used. If used in the clinic, Outpatients department or health centers, they should be changed frequently. When possible explain the message to the learners and use them to supplement the teaching

2.        Health Magazines: A good health magazine can be an important channel of communication. The material needs expert presentation.

The Swasth Hind from Delhi and World Health from WHO are important health magazines. The health magazines stimulate awareness among people.

3.        Press: Newspapers are the most widely distributed of all forms of reading material. They are an important channel of communication to the people.

4.        Films: Films are very expensive to produce, and they get out-of-date very quickly. But film-shows attract large gathering.

5.        Radio and TV: These are found nearly in every home. They are potent instruments of education. Radio talks should not exceed 15 minutes.

6.        Health Exhibitions: If properly organized, health exhibitions can attract large numbers of people. Health exhibitions are used in connection with key points of interest – e.g., fairs and festivals, mass campaigns, etc.

7.        Health Museums: A good health museum can be a very effective mass media of education, such as the one at Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh.

8.        Indigenous Media: Indigenous Media like katha-vartha, prabhat pheries, songs and dramas have roots in our culture. Health messages can be carried through these media.


Selection and uses of Audiovisual Aids

The following criteria are guides for the selection of the books and other printed teaching materials. How each applies in a given instance depends upon the teaching objectives, which have been set up to meet particular needs.

Criteria for selecting Audiovisual Aids

1.        The facts should be scientifically accurate

2.        Needed materials should be present

3.        All the information should be pertinent

4.        It should cover the entire requirements

5.        All the ideas should be essential, significant and important to clear understanding.

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