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Silverlight Demos, Games and Web Resources

In this section we provide links to, and descriptions of, several websites where you’ll find Silverlight demos, games, controls, sample code and tutorials.

Silverlight Demos, Games and Web Resources


In this section we provide links to, and descriptions of, several websites where you’ll find Silverlight demos, games, controls, sample code and tutorials. For additional Silverlight re-sources (including tutorials, articles, blogs, books, sample chapters, community sites, FAQs, RSS feeds, podcasts, videos and more), visit the Deitel Silverlight Resource Center

at  www.deitel.com/silverlight.




The Silverlight Gallery provides a large collection of Silverlight 1.0 and 1.1 sample applications. Check out the top-rated and recently added samples, or view the complete list. Each sample includes a star rating, a description and options for viewing and downloading the samples. Become a member to upload and share your Silverlight applications with the community.



A collection of Silverlight sample applications (many overlap with Microsoft’s Silverlight Gallery) compiled by Scott Hanselman, a Microsoft MVP.




GOA WinForms demos from Netika Tech, available for Silverlight and Flash. GOA WinForms is an implementation of the .NET System.Windows.Form library in Silverlight and Flash for devel-oping RIAs. The simple demos include quick tours of GOA WinForms controls, a DataGrid, an Outlook-like calendar and a Visual Studio-like form designer.




Silverlight Rocks! is a simple shooter game built with Silverlight 1.1. Using four buttons on your keyboard, you can turn the spaceship left or right, shoot and thrust forward. The goal is to destroy the asteroids. The author provides a walkthrough of how he wrote the game. The source code is available for download.




Destroy All Invaders is a shooter game built with Silverlight 1.1. Select a location from the drop-down list (options include rural upstate New York, Microsoft’s Redmond campus and Las Vegas, to name a few) or enter a specific address. The game brings up a satellite image of the location and an animated helicopter. The point of the game is to shoot and destroy the UFOs. The author provides a walkthrough of how he wrote the game. The source code is available for download.




Dr. Popper Silverlight Edition by Bill Reiss of Blue Rose Games is written for Silverlight 1.1. The game consists of multiple colored bubbles arranged on a 10-bubble by 8-bubble board. You can re-move the bubbles in groups of two or more, gaining more points for bigger groups. The source code is available for download.




Monotone is an animated graphics demo built for Silverlight (using C#) and MP3 audio. Download the source code at  www.aisto.com/Roeder/Silverlight/.




InPlay is an in-browser audio and video player. The demo includes stunning audio and video, and you can use the controls to adjust the volume and position. Source code for InPlay is available at




Zero Gravity is an adventure game, created by Terralever using Silverlight and C#. The game fea-tures animation and audio. Using your keyboard controls, the goal is to get Lieutenant Bennett back to his spaceship safely, jumping between blocks, teleports, switches and more.




Sprawl, written for Silverlight, is a tile-capture game in which you play against the computer. The goal is to capture more tiles than the computer without paving over tiles you have already captured.




The Bubble Factory game, built with Silverlight, is a simple animated game in which you use key-board controls to move the bubble dropper left or right and to drop the bubbles. The key is to align three bubbles of the same color (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) to make them explode.




A simple game of chess built with Silverlight 1.1.



The Inside Microsoft blog entry entitled “Barrel O’ Silverlight Games” includes links to several Sil-verlight games including Chess, Zero Gravity, Sprawl, Destroy All Invaders, Digger and more.



A tutorial entitled “Silverlight Games 101: Beginning game programming in Microsoft Silverlight 1.1 using C#” by Bill Reiss and Silverlight Rocks! Topics include the Zero Gravity game, loading XAML dynamically, adding thrusts, a better game loop, keyboard input, creating a game loop and drawing a sprite. All of the source code for the tutorial is available for download.




Microsoft’s Tim Sneath blogs about Silverlight and other Microsoft technologies. He includes links to 50+ Silverlight samples, information about the latest Silverlight releases and other Silverlight news.




The Amazon Search Visualization demo, built with Silverlight. Click the “New Search” button, then enter the title of the book or author for which you would like to search. Images of each book and related books appear on the screen. Click the green button on the image to get the book details (in-cluding title, author(s), reviewer rating, lowest new price and lowest used price). You will also see a visual presentation of book covers for related books. Click the red button on the book cover to close that item. Click the “Clear All” button to search for a new book.




A Silverlight Video module for DotNetNuke allows you to embed a video player in your DotNet-Nuke site. Check out the demo to view a video in a web page or to view the video full-screen. The site includes installation and configuration instructions.




A 2-D Physics Engine has numerous platforms. Click the “Drop Wheels” button to drop tires from the top of the page onto the varying platforms to see which direction they will roll. Click the “Move Platforms” button and “Drop Wheels” to try again.




The AOL Social Mail Gadget, built with Silverlight, gives AOL mail users easy access to email, IM, photos and video and more with just one click. It also allows you to set up an “A-List” of your most important contacts so you are aware when they are online, when a message from someone on the list is received and more.




Check out a sample of a Silverlight video player embedded in a Major League Baseball web page. You can pause and rewind the video and adjust the volume. A link is provided so you can link to the video from your website.




A Grand Piano application built with Silverlight includes audio and animation. Click on the key with your mouse to play a note.




RadControls for Microsoft Silverlight help you build RIAs without using JavaScript or XAML cod-ing. Features include layouts, animation effects, integration with ASP.NET Ajax and more. Check out the demos to see the features, functionality, appearance and more.




The blog entry entitled “Controls and Control Libraries for Silverlight” by Microsoft’s Chris Bowen, provides links to some of the reusable Silverlight controls and libraries that allow you to develop Sil-verlight applications faster and more efficiently. You’ll also find links to samples and tutorials.



The tutorial “How to Create Custom Silverlight Controls” discusses the control UI and object mod-el, starting from the Silverlight Class Library Project, defining the UI, getting object references, add ing properties and events for control customization, testing your control and shadowing inherited properties.




The video tutorial “How to Build a Silverlight Control” by Jesse Liberty, shows you how to create an HTML application that interacts with a Silverlight control.




CodePlex, Microsoft's open source project hosting website, includes a collection of 14 open source Silverlight projects including iTunes 2.0, Dynamic Silverlight Samples, Silverlight 1.0 JavaScript In-tellisense, Silverlight Playground, Balder, Silverlight Audio Player and more. Each project includes a description of the project, a demo and the source code.




Lutz  Roeder’s  Silverlight  page  provides  several  sample  applications  including  Monotone ( www.aisto.com/Roeder/Silverlight/Monotone/Default.aspx), a graphics application written in XAML and C#; Digger ( www.aisto.com/Roeder/Silverlight/Digger/Default.aspx), a clone of the Boulderdash game, written in C#; and Inplay ( www.aisto.com/Roeder/Silverlight/Inplay/




 C/4/2C433161-F56C-4BAB-BBC5-B8C6F240AFCC/SL_0410_448x256_300kb_2passCBR.wmv), an audio and video player that can be embedded in a web page, built with C#. Download demos of each ap-plication and get the source code.


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