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List of ieee Electrical HardWare Project Titles 2018-2019

List of ieee Electrical HardWare Project Titles 2018-2019
Engineering College Final Year project , Electrical and Electronics Department Department (EEE Dept , ECE Dept., E&I Dept )

1. A New Intelligent Remote Control System for Home Automation and Reduce Energy Consumption 
2. Advanced Wireless Electrical Appliance Control System using PC and Coded RF Protocol for industrial Application
3. Advanced Wireless Electrical Meter Reading System
4. Alternative Energy Sources - Foot Power Generation 
5. Automatic Door Opening and Room Miniature Control System Using IR and LDR Sensors 
6. Automatic Induction Motor Starter with Programmable Timer 
7. Automatic Multipoint Testing of High Voltages 
8. Automatic Power Control System Design for Industries 
9. Automatic Power Failure Indication System for Domestic and Commercial Use 
10. Automatic Sprinkler System for Plants 
11. Battery Voltage and Current Monitoring for 8 Batteries
12. Bi-Direction DC Motor Speed Control using RF 
13. Brushless Speed Control of DC Motor
14. Cell Phone based Motor Speed Control
15. Checking and Auto Control of Water Level Using Wireless Sensor 
16. Chopper based DC Motor Speed Control 
17. Closed Loop DC Motor Speed Controller 
18. Closed Loop Speed Measurement of DC Motor 
19. Console Based Substation Monitoring (Voltage, Current, Temp)
20. Construction of Digital Voltage and Current Meter with High and Low Level Alerts 
21. Contactless Digital Tachometer using IR 
22. Cycloconverter Drive for AC Motors
23. Dc Motor H-Bridge Interfacing and Speed Control by using PWM 
24. Design & Implementation of 3Phase Power Changer
25. Design and Digital Monitoring of Uninterrupted Power Supply
26. Design and Practical Implementation of Internet based Predictive Control of a Servo System
27. Design of Digital Thermometer using Seven Segment 
28. Design of Fire Monitoring System using Integrated Circuit 
29. Designing of Tactile Keypad with Magnetic Door Lock System for Industrial Security 
30. Detection and Security System of Illegal Wireless Transmission
31. Development of a Power Transmission Online Monitoring System 
32. Development of Energy Management and Warning System for Resident: An Energy Saving Diagnosis of Fault Distribution Transformer
33. Digital Frequency Meter Using Integrated Circuit and Data Display on PC and LCD 
34. Digital PID Controller based Speed Control of DC Motor
35. Digital Tachometer using IR Optical Encoder Sensor
36. Digital Wattmeter with voltage and current display 
37. Distance Protection - Power Theft Identification & Location Detection
38. Distributed Control System for Industrial Transducers Failure Location & Annunciation
39. Efficiency Detector for Relay & Circuit Breaker
40. Electric Tension Level Based Appliances Switching 
41. Electrical Thermal Plant Boiler Temperature And Water Level Monitoring 
42. Electronic Switching System and Tackling Power Cut 
43. Embedded based Intelligent System for Poly Temperature Monitoring through Voice Announcement 
44. Embedded based Automatic Power Cuts in Different Areas for Electricity Department 
45. Embedded based Digital Speedometer Cum Odometer   
46. Energy Consumption, Meter Reading and Additional Power Requisition System
47. Energy Efficient Lighting Controls in Shopping Malls 
48. Energy Efficient Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks 
49. Energy meter monitoring and control system using SMS technology 
50. Energy Meter Monitoring System with Automatic Tariff Calculation 
51. Energy Saving System using Thyristor Controllers
52. Energy Saving Systems for Railway Platforms
53. Fault Analysis of Universal Motor 
54. Fault Location using Remote Connection, with Immediate Voice Feedback
55. Finger Print based ATM &Locker System for Modern Banks 
56. Frequency Locked Loop DC Motor Speed Control 
57. Frequency meter for Digital Signals using microcontroller
58. Fuzzy based Speed Control of Induction Motor using Microcontroller
59. Fuzzy Logic based Speed Control of AC Motor using Microcontroller with Line Fault Identification
60. Fuzzy Logic based Speed Control of DC Motor 
61. Hand Movement based Fan Controlling 
62. Heat Dependent DC Motor Speed Control using Integrated Circuit 
63. High Voltage Fuse Blown Indicator with Voice Based Announcement System 
64. IGBT based DC Motor Drive Control System
65. Induction Motor Control using Touch Screen 
66. Industrial Device Switching Using Electromagnetic Wave Frequency (RF) 
67. Industrial High Voltage Transformer Protection Against Overheating of Transformer 
68. Industrial Power Management System
69. Industrial Vehicle Counter and Automatic Gate Opening System 
70. Integrated Circuit (8051) Based Home Security System (Password) 
71. Intelligent Power Sharing of Transformers with Auto Protection
72. Inverter based Low - High Input Voltage Buck Booster Converter System Design & Implementation
73. LDR based Automatic Lamp Illumination Controller (PWM Control) 
74. LDR based automatic lamp illumination controller with High Power/Intensity LED lighting 
75. Lead Acid Battery DC Charger with Over Voltage Protection 
76. Life Cycle Testing of Electrical Components
77. Low Cost Solar ECG with Bluetooth transmitter 
78. Microcontroller based coded device switching system for multiple device switching 
79. Microcontroller based Firing Circuit for Thyristor Converters
80. Microcontroller based Multiple device control based on change in input frequency 
81. Microcontroller based Vehicles Speed Display for Highways 
82. Motion based Powered Devices Switching 
83. Motor Multi Parameter Monitoring System for Fault Prevention 
84. Motor Speed Control System Using Infrared Sensor 
85. Multi Channel Temperature Indicator
86. Multi Channel Temperature Measurement and Controller
87. Multi Power Utilizer - Maximum Demand Indicator and Power Factor Indicator
88. Multichannel Voltage Scanner and Control using SCADA
89. Multiple Starters with Over Load and Low High Voltage Protection with Multi Parameter Monitoring
90. Natural Failure Protector
91. Noise Less Speed Control of DC Motor using PWM Converter
92. Parallel Connection of SCR to Control Speed of Universal Motor by Switching Angle Control 
93. Password Protected Stepper Motor Controlling System 
94. Payment system made automatic as per consumer requirement 
95. PC Based Power Grid Control Using Wireless Communication 
96. PC Based Speed Control of DC Motor using PWM Technique 
97. PID based Temperature Controller
98. PID Controller for DC motor 
99. PIR based Energy Conservation System for Corporate Computers and Lighting System 
100. Portable Power Analyzer for Energy Audit
101. Power Failure Auto Announcement System at Customer Place from EB Station
102. Power Generation through Solar Photovoltaic with Light Level Indication
103. Power Line Monitoring with Seven Segment Display
104. Programmable Protective Relay using Triac 
105. Protection of Turbo Alternators - Generator Protection
106. Protective Relay V, I, V/F Protection & Impedance Relay
107. PWM based Bidirectional Speed Control of DC Motor
108. Remote Mobile Phone based Motor Starter for Irrigation Purpose
109. RF based Intelligent Handheld Multi-Parameter Monitoring System with LCD Display and DAS
110. RF enabled Energy Meter Digitization & Automation and Automatic Utility Transfer with Two Way Communication
111. SCR DCR Circuit Breaker
112. Security and Access Control of Electrical Equipments based on Smartcard 
113. Sensor less Speed Control of AC Induction Motor using Microcontroller
114. Single Phase Full Wave Controlled Rectifier using SCR 
115. Single Phase Input to DC Output - DC Motor Drive-Armature Voltage Control
116. Single Phase Multilevel Inverter SPWM with PC Interface and OLM
117. Single Phase Residual Current Breaker 
118. Single Phase Thyristorized Power Controller for Industrial Applications
119. Slip Ring induction Motor Drive with Slip Recovery using IGBT
120. Smart Wind Mill based Power Generation System for Mobile Charging
121. Soft Switching PWM Three Level Converters
122. Soil Moisture Content based Automatic Motor Starter for Irrigation Purpose
123. Speed Control of a Linear Induction Motor V/F Technique
124. Speed Control of AC Motor with Multi Parameter Monitoring
125. Speed Control of DC Motor using FQ / TQ Chopper Drive
126. Speed Control of DC Motor with Field & Armature Control
127. Speed Control of Exhaust Fan using TRIAC based On Temperature 
128. Speed Control of Universal Motor by Using SCR 
129. Speed Control of Universal Motor Using Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) 
130. Stepper Motor Control based on PC Commands 
131. Supervising & Mechanization Of Agricultural Field Environment (Temp, Soil, LDR) 
132. Talking Energy Meter, Alerts the user with Voice Messages in Case of Over Power Utilization 
133. Temperature Adjustable Heating System using Power Electronic Devices 
134. Three Phase Power Transmission Line Data Monitoring 
135. Timer Based Automatic Power Cutoff For Industrial Packaging Machines 
136. Timer Based Electrical Oven Temperature Monitoring And Control System 
137. Tough Pad Based Bulb Intensity Control 
138. Transformer industrial parameters fault identification and intimate to EB section 
139. Trivector Meter - Design & Implementation
140. Ups Battery Monitoring System with Automatic Battery Changeover 
141. Voice operated induction motor speed control through RF communication
142. Voltage Stresses on Stator Windings of Induction Motors Driven By IGBT PWM Inverters
143. Wireless Data Logger System 
144. Wireless DC Motor Speed Control using Triac
145. Wireless Direction Control of Stepper Motor using IR / RF Technology 
146. Wireless Energy Saving for Home Appliances 
147. Wireless Hybrid SCADA for Power Station Substation Monitoring & Automation 
148. Wireless Remote based Speed Control of Exhaust Fan using IR / RF 
149. Wireless Speed Control of DC Motor through RF Remote 
150. Wireless Transformer Failure Analysis
151. Electronic system for improvement of solar plant efficiency by optimized algorithm implemented in biaxial solar trackers
152. Unbalanced Three-phase Optimal Power Flow for Smart Grids
153. An efficient home energy management system based on Automatic Meter Reading
154. Innovative 3D integration of power MOSFETs for synchronous buck converters
155. Automatic changeover for 3 phase connections with data logger
156. Eye tracking based driver fatigue monitoring and warning system
157. A design of network remote control system
158. Temperature-controlling system based on TEC
159. A New Technique to Detect Faults in De-Energized Distribution Feeders Scheme and Asymmetrical Fault Detection
160. Smart metering and home automation solutions for the next decade
161. Energy economic analysis of PV based charging station at workplace parking garage
162. Design of an innovative transformer load management in taipower
163. A centralized monitoring and analysis system of transmission lines in mined-out area 
164. Development of an power Transmission Online Monitoring System
165. Automatic Switching of consumer connection in distribution feeder for efficient load distribution
166. Maximum Power Point Tracking of Multiple Photovoltaic Arrays: A PSO Approach
167. Improvement of electric railway transportation protection systems using a relay based on fuzzy logic
168. A channel model for power line communication in the smart grid
169. Advanced Logistical Systems for the Maintenance of Overhead Distribution Lines Through DCC With the Use of Laser Monitoring
170. Broken Conductor Detection for Overhead Line Distribution System
171. Line Losses Management System of Distribution Networks Based on Local Area Network
172. Solar Tracking system for Maximum power output with real time power monitoring system
173. Development of automatic line-tracking inspection device for high voltage transmission lines based on ground control
174. Accurate location of phase-to-earth and phase-to-phase faults on power transmission lines using two-end synchronized measurements
175. Transformer Load Sharing for efficiency improvement

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Engineering College Final Year project , Electrical and electronics Engineering Department EEE Dept ECE Dept EI Dept Idea Report download

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