Chapter: Engineering College Final Year project , EEE ECE EI Mech Dept Department Idea Report download


Engineering College Final Year project , Electrical and Electronics Department,Electronics and communication Department, Embedded Department , Mechanical Department (EEE Dept , ECE Dept., E&I Dept )

  1. Digital Counter using CMOS Technology
  2. Need of Ad Hoc type Networking for Modern Airports for Aircraft Landing
  3. A Proposal for Design of Hybrid Multi Functional Implantable Biochip using Bio-intelligent Expert System
  4. A Survey of Communication Network Paradigms for Substation Automation
  5. A Wireless Escape System for Industrial Accidents using Adhoc Positioning
  6. AC Generator Monitoring - Generating Voltage, Oil Level, Fuel Level, Etc Through Wireless
  7. Adhoc - Advanced Home Care System for Elderly Patients
  8. Advanced Digital Remote Panic Alarm Button for Bank / industrial Application
  9. Advanced Full Function Remote Home Automation System using Encrypted RF Technology
  10. Artificial intelligent based Equipments Failure Detecting & Automatic Dialing to the Concern Service Engineer Cell-Phone / Telephone
  11. Attendance Marker System with IRC Reader and Face Indicator
  12. Automatic Cell Phone Detector and Mute Switch for TV / DVD
  13. Automatic Controller for Elevator and Escalator with Sensor Network & AI
  14. Automatic Intelligent Plant Watering System
  15. Automatic Load Sharing of Transformers with Protective Analysis
  16. Automatic Repeat Protocol for Distribution Automation System through Power line Communication
  17. Automatic Rolling Shutter Opener with RF Remote Control
  18. Automatic Room Light / Cooling System Controller with Visitor Counter
  19. Automatic System for Measuring & Controlling the Length of a Moving Product in Industries
  20. Automatic Vehicle Location Tracking, Collision Avoidance with Dual Communication using RF
  21. Automobile Exterior Safety System
  22. Autonomous Stabilization System for a Coaxial Helicopter
  23. Cable Fault Finder for Electrical Transmission Lines
  24. Cell Phone based Remote Car Starter 
  25. Biometric Bank Locker System for Manager and Customer
  26. Bio-On Chip (B-Chip) Micro Miniaturized Wearable / Body Area Network for Wireless Patient Monitoring
  27. Cell Phone based Total Car Controlling System - Car Moving, Forward, Reverse, Etc.,
  28. Cell Phone Detector for Security Application
  29. Cell Phone to Cell Phone Appliance Control System
  30. Computer based Wireless Control System of Devices
  31. Computer Keyboard Dual Controller for Switching Electrical Devices
  32. Control of Pc DTMF Technology via Mobile Phone
  33. Design a Wireless Sensor Network for Methane Monitoring System
  34. Design and Implementation of Home Automation using CAN
  35. Digital Steam, Pressure and Liquid Level Monitor
  36. Digital Surface Distance / Length Measurement using Microcontroller
  37. Distributed Multi Area Power System Load Flow Monitoring
  38. Dynamic & Automatic Programmable Temperature Control System for industrial Machineries Safety Control System
  39. Dynamic Security and Access Control System for 5 independent Zones
  40. E- Seal Applied in Fragile Safety in Transport, Real Time  
  41. E-Driving License and intelligent E-Police Applied in Modern Electronic Travel Aids - ETA
  42. Embedded based Level Controller with Two Tanks with Transparent Level Display
  43. Embedded Controller for Non Linear Partially Interacting Process (NlPIP)
  44. E-Ticket Applied in Monitoring and Management Evaluation  
  45. Embedded Microcontroller based Transformer Oil Testing Machine
  46. Embedded Microcontroller based Weighing Analyzer using Load Cell
  47. Embedded Microcontroller based PH Controller for Sugar Industries
  48. Embedded System based Inter Locking System of Electromagnetic Doors Chemical, Cement & Pharmaceutical Industries
  49. Feeder Protective Relay Monitoring and Data Logger
  50. Frequency Division Multiplexing for a Multi-Sensor Wireless Telemetry System
  51. Fully Automatic E-Filing System with Location, Tracking Applied in Real Time Single Window System for Modern Govt. / Document / File Management
  52. Garment Conveyor Remote Controller
  53. Guardhouse Visitor Screening Security System
  54. Handheld Electronic Voting Machine & Data Retrieval System
  55. Highway Car Accident Identification & Auto Communication to Patrol or Hospital
  56. Hi-Tech Car with Remote Camera for the Police
  57. Implementation of Device Status Monitoring and Controlling using Telephone Lines
  58. Humidity Monitoring and Pump Controlling System
  59. Implementation of Global and Remote Positioning System for Defense and other Purposes using Mobile Networks
  60. Implementing Process Control & Monitoring System using Can
  61. Intelligent & Advanced Digital Wireless Audience Polling System for Quiz Program
  62. Internet-Enabled Calibration Services: Design of a Secure Calibration System 
  63. Microcontroller based intelligent Multi-Timer System for industrial Automation
  64. Microcontroller based Moving Person Place Detecting System (MPP)
  65. Mosfet based Current Mode Control Buck / Boost Converter
  66. Most Advanced Digital Wireless Two Wheeler Security System with Remote Starter
  67. Multi Boiler Management & Controller with Auto Failure Indicator - Pcs
  68. Multi Zone Fire Alarming Control Panel with Zone Location, Auto Dialer to Fire Station
  69. Multiple Programmable Batch Event Counter with Conveyor Belt Arrangement
  70. Neural Implementation of Energy Consumption in Power Distribution
  71. People / Patient Tracking and Management System for Hospital / Factory using Wireless Network System
  72. Pressure Sensor and Trigger System for industrial Application
  73. Production Automation and Control, Innovative Future Manufacturing
  74. Public Address System Controller - Automated Timing & Music System
  75. Microcontroller to Microcontroller Communication with LCD
  76. Radio Frequency Foot Pressure Measuring System 
  77. Remote Camera Controller for Security Application using Servo Motor
  78. Remote Wireless Wind Speed Meter for Modern Remote Weather Monitoring Station with Digital Read Out
  79. Research of Remote Real Time Monitor System for Electromechanical Equipments based on Internet
  80. Robust Environmental Sound Recognition for Home Automation
  81. Room Humidity Checking with Air Conditioner Cooling Effect Controlling System
  82. Route Selection for Vehicle Navigation and Control
  83. Sea Navigation for Rescue Operations using Microcontroller
  84. Simultaneous Localization, Mapping and Moving Object Tracking
  85. Single Phase integral Cycle Inverter using Mosfet
  86. Thyristor Controlled Heating System with Model
  87. Towards a Unified Location Tracking System for Heterogeneous Industrial Environments
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Engineering College Final Year project , EEE ECE EI Mech Dept Department Idea Report download : LIST OF IEEE EMBEDDED SYSTEM PROJECT TITLES 2018-2019 |

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Engineering College Final Year project , EEE ECE EI Mech Dept Department Idea Report download

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