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Calculating other measurements using chest circumference

Measurements Men Women : Waist Chest - (4 to 5') Chest - (5' to 7')





Garment fitting is based on taking body measurements. So it is very important for a dress maker to know how to take accurate measurements. The following points will be very useful, for this purpose.

Calculating other measurements using chest circumference:

          Measurements     Men  Women

1. Waist      Chest - (4 to 5')   Chest - (5' to 7')

2. Hip         Chest + (1 to 2')  Chest + (2 to 4')

3. Shoulder (Half)  Chest - '        1/6 Chest + (1 to 2')

4. Armscye depth 1/8 Chest + 1'      1/8 Chest + (2' to 2.5')

5. Neck       1/3 Chest + (2 to 3')      1/3 Chest + (2 to 2')


a. Care to be taken:


Try to know the customer's requirements, regarding the fit, style and shape of the garment (pockets, collar, buttons, seam, finish etc.) before taking measurements. A preliminary talk with the customer, showing fashion pictures are stitched garment will help one to understand the design.


Observe the figure carefully and if any deviation in proportion is found, do not simply remember but record it in the order book, in without giving any idea of the deformity to the customer.


The person to be measured should stand erect, but in a natural pose, in front of a mirror.


Measurements should be taken comfortably without pulling the tape too tight or loose.


The measurements should be taken in proper order and with a certain sequence.


All girth measures should be taken tightly, as ease for movement is included in the draft.


To avoid any mistake, take the measurements twice.


b. Observing Human Body:


For a successful garment cutting, one must know the size and shape of the human body, for which he has to design. A student should therefore remember the following points about the anatomy, before he starts to learn cutting.


Eight Head Theory:


A grown up human body is divided into eight equal parts, which are equal in height to that of the head. So each part is known as the 'head'. All these eight divisions or heads are as follows :

1st head      :         From hair to chin or nape of neck.

2nd head     :         From chin to chest or bottom of scye.

3rd head     :         From bottom of armhole to waist.

4th head      :         From waist to hip.

5th head      :         From hip to mid thigh

6th head      :         From mid-thigh to below knee

7th head      :         From knee to calf muscle

8th head      :         From calf to tip of toe.

c. Calculating other measurements using chest circumference:

          Measurements     Men  Women

1. Waist      Chest - (4 to 5')   Chest - (5' to 7')

2. Hip         Chest + (1 to 2')  Chest + (2 to 4')

3. Shoulder (Half) Chest - '        1/6 Chest + (1 to 2')

4. Armscye depth 1/8 Chest + 1'      1/8 Chest + (2' to 2.5')

5. Neck       1/3 Chest + (2 to 3')      1/3 Chest + (2 to 2')

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