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Civil - Highway Engineering - Highway Construction Materials And Practice

Highway Construction Materials And Practice

   Posted On :  25.07.2016 05:38 pm

Civil - Highway Engineering - Highway Construction Materials And Practice


1. Define contact presume?

Contact presume = loud on wheel/ Contact area


2. Define Rigidity factor?

Rigidity factor = contact presume/ Type presume


3. What is ESUL?

Equivalent Single Used Load


4. What understand by Repetition of load?

The repeated loading may produce permanent and non uniform deformation of sub




5.What are the causes of increase in moisture?

1. Percolation of surface water through Erath in the pavement surface.

2. Entry of water through edger of the pavement

3. Seepage

4. Capillary rise from high water table


6.What is meaning of frost heave?

The terms frost heave return to rising up of the pavement portion.


7.What method is used for strengthening of flexible pavement?

Benkelman Beam Reflection method.


8.What is the basic principle of Benkelman Beam deflection method?


The deflection method is based on the concept that pavement section which have been conditioned by traffic elastically under a load.


9.What are the factors considered deformation under a given load?

1.Sub grade soil type

2.Soil mousier content and its compaction

3.Thickness of pavement layers

4.Drainage conditions.


10.           What are factors causing stressor in slab?

1.Used loads

2.Cyclic changer in temperature

3.Changes in moisture

4.Volumetric changer in bare course.


11.           Define hand aggregator give example?


Hand aggregator are used to resist crushing effect and adverse weather effect (ex) granite trap


12. What is the user of soft aggregator?


They can also be used in lower layer of good type of roads. Soft aggregator are usable in low cost road.


13.        What are the proportions of aggregator?

1. Strength

2. Hardness

3. Toughens

4. Sound ness

5. shape of aggregate

6. Bushmen adhesion properly

7. Cementations


14.            What are test for Road aggregator?

1. Abrasion test

2. Lost angler abrasion test


15.        Define Elongation index?


This test is also suitable for aggregate of size greater than 6.3mm and is carried our in the same way a how been explained in flakiness index




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