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Electrical Electonics and Comunication Engineering EEE ECE

Special Electrical Machines - EE6703

Special Electrical Machines


-:- Construction of Synchronous Reluctance Motor
-:- Rotor Design - Synchronous Reluctance Motor
-:- Rotor Construction - Synchronous Reluctance Motor
-:- Working of Synchronous Reluctance Motor
-:- Primary Design Considerations - Synchronous Reluctance Motor
-:- Torque - Speed Characteristics - Synchronous Reluctance Motor
-:- Phaser Diagram of Synchronous Reluctance Motor
-:- Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications of Synchronous Reluctance
-:- Vernier Motors


-:- Stepping Motor
-:- Classification of Stepper Motors
-:- Single Stack Variable Reluctance Stepper Motor: Construction and Principle of Operation
-:- Micro Stepping Control of Stepping Motor
-:- Multistack Variable Reluctance Stepper Motor
-:- Hybrid stepper motor
-:- Claw Tooth PM Motor
-:- Single Phase Stepping Motor
-:- Theory of Torque Prediction
-:- Terminologies Used in Stepper Motor
-:- Characteristics of Stepper Motor
-:- Torque-Speed Characteristics - stepper motor
-:- Figures of Merit (FM's) - stepper motor
-:- Drive System and Control Circuitry for Stepper Motor
-:- Linear And Non Linear Analysis - stepper motor
-:- Application of Stepper Motor


-:- Switched Reluctance Motor
-:- Construction and operation of SRM(Switched Reluctance Motor)
-:- Power Semiconductor Switching Circuits for SRM(Power Controllers)
-:- Voltage and Torque Equations of SRM(Switched Reluctance Motor)
-:- Control Circuits For SRM(Switched Reluctance Motor)
-:- Hysterisis Type Current Regulation
-:- Voltage PWM Type Current Regulation
-:- Torque-Speed Characteristics of SRM(Switched Reluctance Motor)
-:- Distinction Between Switched Reluctance Motor And The Variable Reluctance Stepper Motor: Merits, Demerits, Application
-:- Shaft Position Sensing
-:- Microprocessor or Computer Based Control of SRM Drive


-:- Permanent Magnet Brushless D.C. Motors
-:- Constructional Features of BLPM Motors
-:- B – H Loop and Demagnetization Characteristics of BLPM Motors
-:- Principle of Operation of Brushless PM DC Motor
-:- Classification Of BLPM Dc Motor
-:- Emf Equation of BLPM SQW DC Motors
-:- Basic Voltage Equation of BLPMDC Motor
-:- Torque Equation of BLPM Square Wave Motor
-:- Torque- Speed Charactersistics of BLPM SQM DC Motor
-:- Commutation in Motors With 120° and 180° Magnet Arc
-:- Magnetic Circuit Analysis on Open Circuit
-:- A controller for BLPM SQW DC Motor
-:- Types of BLPM motor


-:- Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
-:- Construction and Principle of Operation - Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
-:- EMF Equation of BLPM Sine Wave Motor
-:- Torque Equation of BLPM Sine Wave Motor
-:- Phasor Diagram of a Brushless PM SNW or BLPB Synchronous Motor
-:- Permissible Torque-Speed Characteristics - Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
-:- Vector Control of BLPM SNW Motor
-:- Self Control of PMSM
-:- Microprocessor Based Control of PMSE