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Manufacturing Technology II - ME6402

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Manufacturing Technology II
-:- Theory of Metal Cutting
-:- Single-point cutting tool
-:- Types of chip
-:- Cutting tool nomenclature
-:- Orthogonal metal cutting
-:- Thermal aspects
-:- Cutting tool materials
-:- Tool wear and tool life
-:- Surface finish
-:- Cutting fluids
-:- Machinability
-:- Important Questions and Answers: Theory of Metal Cutting
-:- Turning Machines
-:- Center Lathes
-:- Taper turning and Thread cutting methods
-:- Special Attachments
-:- Capstan versus turret
-:- Important Questions and Answers: Turning Machines
-:- Shapers and Types of Shapers
-:- Drilling and Reaming
-:- Boring
-:- Tapping
-:- Milling
-:- Gear milling and Gear hobbing
-:- Shaping with a pinion-shaped cutter
-:- Important Questions and Answers: Shaper, Milling and Gear Cutting Machines
-:- Abrasive Processes
-:- Grinding Wheels
-:- Types of Grinding Processes
-:- Cylindrical grinding
-:- Outside Diameter Grinding
-:- Centerless grinding and Internal Grinding
-:- Concepts of surface Integrity
-:- Broaching Machines
-:- Surface broaches and Continuous Chain Broaching
-:- Important Questions and Answers: Abrasive Process and Broaching
-:- Numerical Control (NC) Machine Tools
-:- Types of NC systems
-:- Programming Fundamentals CNC
-:- Manual Part Programming
-:- Micromachining
-:- Water Machining
-:- Important Questions and Answers: CNC Machines