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Humanity Science Ist Year

Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering - GE6252

Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering


-:- DC Circuits and Ohm’s Law
-:- AC Circuits and Kirchhoff’s law
-:- Steady State Solution of DC Circuits and Problems based on ohm’s law
-:- Introduction to AC Circuits
-:- Star Delta transformation
-:- Electrical Instruments and Classification of instruments
-:- Damping Torque and Classification of Damping Damping Torque
-:- Permanent Magnet Moving Coil Instruments(PMMC)
-:- Operating Principles of Moving Iron Instruments Ammeters and Voltmeters
-:- Dynamo meter type watt meter
-:- Single phase Energy meter
-:- Important Short Questions and Answers: Electric Circuits and Measurements


-:- Electrical Circuits
-:- Basic Electrical Measurments


-:- Construction of DC Machines
-:- Principle of Operation of D.C. Machines
-:- DC Generator E.M.F Equation
-:- Types of DC Generator
-:- DC Generator Characteristics
-:- Application of DC Generator
-:- How DC motors work?
-:- Principles of DC motor Operation
-:- Classification and Types of DC Motor
-:- Basic Equations and Applications of DC Motor
-:- Construction, Principle of Operation of Single Phase Transformer
-:- Basic Equations and Applications of Single Phase Transformer
-:- EMF Equation of Transformer
-:- Transformer on No Load and Load
-:- Equivalent Circuit of Transformer
-:- Voltage Regulation of Transformer
-:- Construction, Principle of Operation and Starting methods of Single phase induction Motor
-:- Types of Single phase induction Motor
-:- Important Short Questions and Answers: Basic Electrical Mechanics


-:- DC Generator
-:- DC Motor
-:- Transformer
-:- Induction motors


-:- Semiconductor Devices And Applications
-:- Classification of Materials
-:- Classification of Semiconductor
-:- PN Junction Diode
-:- Zener Diode
-:- Rectifiers and Types of rectifiers
-:- Bipolar Junction Transistor(BJT)
-:- Important Short Questions and Answers: Semiconductor Devices And Applications


-:- Semiconductor Devices and Applications
-:- PN Junction Diode
-:- Zener Diode
-:- BJT
-:- Transistor Configuration


-:- Binary Number System
-:- The Binary Number System
-:- Converting Between Binary Numbers and Decimal Numbers
-:- Hexadecimal Numbers
-:- Binary Coded Decimal Numbers
-:- Logic Gates
-:- Boolean Algebra
-:- Adder
-:- Flip Flop
-:- Counters: Synchronous Counter and Asynchronous Up Down Counter
-:- Analog to Digital Conversion(ADC)
-:- Digital to Analog Converter(DAC)
-:- Important Short Question and Answers: Digital Electronics


-:- Combinational Logic Circuits
-:- Multiplexer and De-multiplexer
-:- The Digital Encoder
-:- Binary Adder and Subtractor
-:- The Digital Comparator
-:- Parity Generator and Checker
-:- Comparison with other logic families
-:- Complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS)
-:- Sequential Logic Circuit
-:- SR, JK and Master-Slave JK Flip-Flop
-:- Data Latch
-:- synchronous and counter
-:- Shift Registers


-:- Types of signal: Analog signal and digital signal
-:- Principles of Amplitude modulation
-:- Principle of frequency modulation
-:- Block diagram of radio
-:- Block diagram of television transmitter
-:- Microwave communication
-:- Satellite communication
-:- Optical fiber communication
-:- Important Short Question and Answers: Foundamentals of Communication Enginnering
-:- Technical terms in Basic Electrical and electronics


-:- Fundamentals of Communication Engineering